This night is cold and full of wonder

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 11:00 -- ccballi


The world has turned its face from the Sun,

And I don't know if it will turn again.

In the dark black I stumbled over the Earth crying-confused

Roadburn on my knees, gravel imprints in my gray-pink palms


There lying on the ground I saw the sky

I lifted my eyes to the ancient starlight

It blue-kissed my bruised cheeks,

And lit a higher road

Not bound by gravity.


Look, and see the sky not-black

The stars are never-white

While far galaxies of haze wave and beckon.

The deep swirling-blues of the sky come at night.


And the stars in our own stomping grounds,

Blazing far bring no warmth

But light in a full floating spectrum.

Bluer than baby-eyes, more yellow than fear,

Purple brighter than our skins combined, truer to our blood

Than the red stars we identify as our own


These spheres are places radiating bright-cold new-life, and hope,

Somewhere to go


This night is cold and full of wonder.

If the world never turns,

We still will roam

The stars our guide.


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