My Tree and Me


United States
40° 48' 13.7988" N, 112° 1' 25.644" W

There is a sun in the sky
Or sometimes the moon
Either way
I’m not looking
At that
There is a river
It flows to the house
That sits on a hill
That flowers surround
But I’m not looking
At that

Out of the many
Things to see
What do I see?
I see only a tree
What great power
And life
It breaths
That’s what
I’m looking at

My tree branches out
With color and flare
To no end with love and care
Its leaves could be green
Or orange
Or red
Or yellow
Or brown
Or completely dead

Yet, still, as it giveth,
I love my tree
I give to it
It gives back to me
In spring, it is life
In summer, my shade
In autumn, beauty
In winter, it’s made
To fit the fireplace
And keep us warm
To die by flame
Then be reborn
As for me,
I nourished
And planted my tree
And still and yet
It waits patiently
A dark lengthy shadow
Casts the beacon of light
The howling wind
In the stillness of night

Our hearts
Meld as one
We reach
And reach
And reach
But when will we be done?
As a tree,
I branch out
In charity
As me,
My tree touches
And can see
We give
And give forever
My tree and me.


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