I'm So Sorry


United States
34° 6' 10.8108" N, 118° 24' 37.6848" W

Hey, hey, hey little flower
Pink with joy warmer than candle sticks
Arrayed with so much splendor
Ah, yes; I see the things God can give
You're always on my way out
How someone can be allergic to you deceives me
You're even eating of the sun's shout
Well, of course; even some of you are feeding me
Stacked upon a savory steak
Adorned with water, though you know it's too late
Steaming from its bum
You're hotter than the evening sun
But, I don't care when I see you so
So into looks, I am, I don't feel sorrow
I push you off to the side and save you
For that last piece of wine I ate you
I'm so sorry that I made you cry


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