Natural Undulation

A flower now blooms,

The soft green grass waxes tall,

A tree gains a ring.


The clouds become sparse.

So, too, is water now scarce,

And plants droop slowly.


Fool: careless human

Cares not for spark’s potential;

Flames ablaze burning.


Ashes, dust, and soot

Black, white, gray, and homelessness

And a little green.


Although weeds come first,

Trees and critter homes follow.

He place teams with life.


But not all belongs:

Some new plants come wrongfully,

They do the wrong things.


Invasion of weeds,

Much like human military,

Kill, occupy, starve.


A cold winter comes.

Its nothing new to the old.

Saves plants like Russia.


Spring restores the land.

The familiar buds return.

Maybe hope persists.


Earth always changes,

Good to bad to good to bad,

Undulation law.


New variables:

Here’s human “intelligence.”

Pray for the cycle.


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