The Growing Heart

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 02:09 -- ellex12

The woods were encumbering in the sunrise.

My gut wrenched with uncertainty of the buzzing feeling

atop my forehead.

A little green creature rested in the nests of my tousled hair,

Begging me for the comfort so longed-for and forgotten.


The lemon rested in my hands and taunted.

I could run with the intention of a warm embrace into the outer limits of the thicket

And hide in all my misery from this frivolous companion

And leave it at its own mercy to find yet another host to dwell upon.

Or should I nurse it back to health with my newly found driven enhancements..

From the first man-made flames,

We were all to blame from the start.


The creature in all its comfort dozed off by mid afternoon

As I contemplated our fate.

Shall I stay or shall it not be so..

The bubbly creature rose and expanded.

The creature gradually darkened as the moonlight began to filter in through the canopy.

Part of it wanting to deteriorate while the other fought strongly to keep going.

This in turn made it so conflicted..

The feeling of loneliness and utter unsettlement made me see its true facets.

There was more to this green creature than we had all anticipated.

With my bare hands  I relinquished the crimson facade,

And the light found its way to me for the first time.

The little green creature wasn't so little after all.

To me.




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