Living things,

All around,

In the beginning,

There were many that basked underneath a clear sky,

But the present holds something different,

The sky isn't as blue as it was once before.


Man has risen.

Man has taken control of the past.

Man has made a future not so bright.

Fossil fuels and pollution fill the atmosphere,

In excessive amounts,

Man has found the dilema of diminishing the energy of the Earths past inhabitants too quick.


An environmental resource engineer,

That's what I want to be.



Building a world cleaner,

Creating efficiency amongst man and technology.

Inexhaustible resources all around

From the Sun and Sky

Wind and Water,

This job would make all of these the main sources of energy.

This job would make things energy efficient to use these sources.

This job would not only change my life,

But the future of the technological age of man as well.

No longer would a world die from the darkened skies of exhaust,

It would flourish in life,

As well as progress.


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