What Can I Say?

I've gotten so used to the rain that I hardly feel it anymore 

It's liek a friend giving sweet, sweet caresses 

Letting me know everything is all right 

The cobble stone sidewalks that trip me on my walk remind me 

I'm whole 

I exist 

That I matter 

People who smile and say "Good Morning" 

When the ver wrong forecast says its gonna be overcast 

But the smiles... 

The smiles

Why doesn't everyone smile like that? 

As if hte world is perfect? 

As if that single moment is all that matters 

Because if everyone smiled like that 

The world would be better 

This place is nowehre near Nirvana

But it's pretty damned close 

A place wehre I feel like a person 

And not a statistic 

Color gradient 

Sexual object 

And the people 

The environment

The setting 


Oh sweet, sweet Conor 

How you make me feel alive 

And free

And present

How you let me know I'm not doomed

That there are indeed good people 

What can I say? 

Words can not express my gratitude 

Whords just aren't enough 

And yet...

Words are all I have


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