The Ultimate Box of Chocolates

I’ve got a big box of dark chocolates

They are gooey and tasty and nice

I take all that I want, which is greedy

And I simply ignore the high price


I don’t pass the box to my children

And my grandkids can suck on a leaf

I won’t share the box till it’s empty

They’re all mine, that’s my honest belief


You might think I am selfish and stingy

Well that’s simply your warped point of view

I want to be lazy and greedy

And I don’t give a hoot about you


That’s hardly a positive view point     

When kids do it we tell them it’s wrong       

We train them to care about others  

In nursery we teach it with songs


Swop the box for the world that we live in

And the chocolates for coal, oil and gas        

The kids and the grandkids as always

Are the ones to whom all this will pass


We use fossil fuels with abandon      

It is wasted and frittered away           

With nothing to pass to our grandkids

In 5 decades just what will we say?


There’s no value in saying “I’m sorry”          

Regret doesn’t fill seams with coal

Is fumes what we’ll give to the future

And some ashes and empty well holes


If it’s wrong to eat all the chocolates

And the greed makes you want to recoil

Then it’s wrong to squander resources

And burn all the gas, coal and oil


So let’s try to curb our behaviour

Let’s resist the lazy temptation

Let’s be led by our need, not led by our greed

So there’s something for the next generation

This poem is about: 
Our world


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