The Beautiful Hawaii

The sun scorches on the fine, coal-black sand

Sitting there are many birds popping in orange, red, dark periwinkle, and green

This is my cousin’s beautiful and tropical homeland

Where the beaches slowly lean in and life can be seen


Head up north to see the peaceful Akaka Falls

Not a voice to be heard, not a song to be sung

The cackling, cold clouds of Kamapua’a were called

Rain stomped in, but soon the colorful rainbow made the landscape once again young


The wind swims south of where the sun rises

The land bare and black, the ground rugged and rocky

Even though one may not see a sign of life, the pink hibiscus still reaches the skies

And the small, colorful birds are still quite talky


To where the sun sets, the cool-headed turtles invite us to a tiki town

One smiles, one frowns, one laughs, one cries

Those who violated the kapu-sacred laws-were either shot down

Or luckily escaped if they tried


As the island creatures start returning to their homes

The goddess, Pele, brushes her wavy, black hair with red petals to the ground

Matariki, with her smooth fingertips, pokes in the dark cloth white holes

The palm trees elegantly do the hula with a crisp, swaying sound

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My country
Our world
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I can't get enough of your poetry! 

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