Her Heart

Christina Rossetti said it best when

She said, “There is no friend like a sister

In calm or stormy weather;” it’s true, I

Think, so sit down and relax, dear list’ner,

As I describe my kind and brave sister.


She is the one thing I can’t do without.

Being the youngest, I always looked up

To her, but I think it’s me she looks up

To, as I tower over her five – three.

To be her sister is a happy thing.


Growing up, she was always sick. We spent

Many a holiday in the E R.

Sometimes it was her lungs, or sinuses.

Sometimes it was her heart, but her heart is

Big and strong and so much better than mine.


It’s able to hold love for all creatures.

It works hard to keep her busy and glad.

It sees no faults of mine nor of others,

Only a determination to save

All beings in this unfair universe.


She’s overcome so much and fought so hard.

It’s taken time, but she follows her dreams.

She moves me to defeat all obstacles.

Inspiring. Helpful. Bit of a loon.

Without my sister by my side, I’d be


Dead ere sunrise on our little island

In the blue and big and beautiful sea. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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