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Mother. Oh mother. Sweet beautiful mother.
My beautiful and gentle mother.
You bore me from your dark cave
A cave where I dwelt in a stationary position for an appointed period
I could not see or hear
Touch, taste, or smell
I grew impatient with you but yet I still loved you
I kicked you endlessly for keeping me in that wet and dark dungeon
It seemed as though you forgot about me
Almost as if you did not know I existed
I fought day in and day out for deliverance
For light and salvation
Darkness was death
And I craved for the light of life
When you emancipated me from my cave of development
I was handicapped, wondering without direction, searching for you
I turned as far east as I could and then I turned as far west as my tender little neck permitted me
I dropped my head to my chest accompanied by wet drops of fear sliding down my face
I needed you to help sustain my delicate life and give me suck from your breast
I begged vigorously for your presence
And then… you appeared right in front of me as though you never left
Your swelled stomach sent chills through my small body
Sending waves through me I never encountered
I felt a deep connection with it as though it was a part of my very being
Then, by surprise, it hit me
Your swelled stomach was once home

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We have lost sight of our connection to the earth and we have grown to put our wants before the earth's needs. Shouldn't feel responsible to care for the womb that bore us all in the same accord that we feel responsible to take care of our parents while they enter old age and their health declines? Shouldn't we love and appreciate the earth for it's air, trees, water, and all other essentials needed to sustain our lives? For without those essentials, we would all be in despair and lost in the darkness of death. Would we be able to live without the abundance of nature's gifts? If not, shouldn't we all reverence this abundantly merciful and forgiving womb that bore us and continues to sustain our lives even while we are in error?

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