Read between the lines they said

Sit next to her when she’s lonely they said

Split the cash

But make sure she gets none they said


Don’t let her buy that little sailboat

“The current is too strong,” they wrote

But her words paid the fine

And off she sailed; heart on sleeve and pen in tote


They opened up her heart to break it

Told her, “fake it til’ you make it.”

They’ll never know what she knows

How to spin it on it’s head and break it.


All the lies and neglect

The name calling and disrespect

The oceans of words that drown with intent to kill

A missile with a target to detect


For they never warned of the tsunami ahead

Lonely the girl lies in the ocean of her bed

Covers and sheets drown her sad sorry eyes

Then she chokes on her own words, almost dead


Then comes something strange

A song she hears almost out of range

Quick, sing the words before it’s gone

She breaks free with her mind still a cage


The rescue boat she sees is coming near

Her words pull her from the undertow to the clear

Her words are stronger than she had felt

Saved her saying, “you’ll make it out my dear.”

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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