Weary Earth

Weary Earth, how you suffer:

Enduring all of Sky's tears

And falling apart for Tree's roots

What do they hold for you,

Except weaknesses yet to be seen?


Sky will always be changing,

For she is fickle, and slow;

She cries one night

And brightens the next

Always battering your living flesh


Tree will always be growing,

For he is stubborn, and still;

He twists his hands

And bows to the wind

Always clinging to your animate flesh


Weary Earth, I know you:

How you ache for Sky

And how you sink for Tree

What have I done for you,

Except live amongst them?


I will always be morphing,

For I am Human, and stupid;

Like Sky during sunrise

I change colors

Always ignorant to your stability


I will always be increasing,

For I am Human, and unsatisifed;

Like Tree during autumn

I let out my leaves

Always reliant on your constancy


Weary Earth, how you suffer:

Breathing in nauseous gas

And crumbling under my walls

What have we left for you,

Except a future very uncertain?







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