Desert Distress


United States
33° 28' 7.8528" N, 111° 54' 37.8576" W

A Saguaro was killed in the street today,
I wept as each car ran it over
Poor thing it didn’t get to see a hundred
A flower never bloomed on its green spiked scalp.

I saw the construction workers kill a Palo Verde,
They should be arrested for his suffering
the murder of a defenseless tree.

The Cactus Wrens, tarantulas, scorpions, and rattlesnakes
Were evicted sometime last week.
People forced them to find new homes
So they can build a Starbucks.

Yesterday I heard the sobs of the desert floor
His back hurts from brutality
the hot asphalt burned him while he slept
He asked, “Will they ever realize my agony?”
I told him, “Hopefully, in time."

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