Mother Earth's Lament

Fri, 03/20/2020 - 11:00 -- Jess G


Once I was beautiful, gleaming and bright

My oceans glimmered in the broad daylight

Trios of trees swayed happily in the breeze

While birds flew through the sky with ease

But now my body quakes with fear

And atrocities before my eyes appear

What horror! What horror is this! I cry

The skies are polluted, my birds cannot fly

My oceans are filled with the blackest tar

This strange new world is so bizarre

My once happy trees have been butchered and killed

For frivolous houses humans seek to build

I struggle to survive as I gasp for breath

I know I am on the brink of death

I fight and I fight and I will fight some more 

But at this point what am I fighting for?

The people are guilty and don’t even care

They turn a blind eye to my woe and despair

My life is slowly draining away

Veins run dry and bones decay

Soon Death’s cold hand will slowly descend

And the world as you know it will eventually end

Maybe on that dark, cold day

Someone will finally wake up and say

What have we done? We must fix the Earth!

But by then it will be too late.


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Our world
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