Look at the Facts

When will the people see?
That the earth is being killed,
That the sky is turning brown,
The oceans filled with their gabage.

When will the people see?
The scares across the land, 
Slashed at by the forever wars,
Cut down for "better" uses.

When will the people see?
The stars are running away,
The air has been poisoned,
Clouding over, a dark layer of death for all.

When will the people see?
The oceans are turning black,
Fish are dissapearing,
Illegal hunting not being stopped.

When will the people see?
That everything is dieing,
From beautiful forests massacred to be chairs,
Majestic animals killed for a fashion trend.

Bears, coyotes, wolves, tigers, 
Hungry from loss of food,
Powerless against their natural homes becoming cities,
Cornered with nowhere to run.

Rainforests, plains, beaches, savannahs,
Gone before you know,
Once precious landscapes, now a bland neighboorhood,
Whole ecosystems collaspe, full of death.

When will the people see? 
But they can't, they are blind, 
Will they ever take of the blindfold?
No, the people are cowards.


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