What If?

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 17:56 -- Mickey4


Listen to this story
Of a land forward in time,
Where a polar bear lives
The last of his kind.

He would wonder
To and fro,
And think what if
Humans didn’t let global warming grow?

What if the skies were blue
And the seas were ice?
All the animals would live happily,
Wouldn’t that be nice?

But now on the earth
There’s barely any life.
No dirt, just pavement;
No forest, just lights.

It is not fair
We didn’t do anything wrong!
But we animals have to pay,
This has gone on far too long!

The polar bear tries
As hard as he might,
But the humans do not listen,
They think they’re alright.

But the polar bear knows
Deep down in his heart,
If this doesn’t stop
Everything will fall apart.

The buildings they built
Will come crashing down,
And the factories will lose business
Because there’s no one around.

But right now the humans are in their houses,
Because the temperature is so high,
With their cool air machines blowing,
Leaving us to die.


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