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I breathe the shade beneath your morels
Bathe in the pockets of your cap
Filled with the glistening dew that stems from the canopy above us
I reach through the soil
Grasp tight to the feldspar within the crust
using your network of mycelium as security
But higher than the lithosphere I am thrown
By the spiteful nature of potential energy
As the air breathes colder
Colder, but still burned by the rays of the deceptive sky
The crown that contains this life
Was too sharp along the jewels
Leaving me scarred
Only to be distributed among free and greedy molecules
Fibers dancing through the atmosphere
As a marionette would spin out of control
Its controller losing his balance
Falling through his thirsty crowd
a vicious nightmare filled with finches and beagles
Puppets swirling through the rain
Thunderous and dark
Not to be noticed by rods
For light does not bounce off
Of waves with no color
And falling back to the earth
From whence we came
Spread like pollen 
In a field of bees
Not to be understood as individuals
but to be recollected and molded together 
As one.
But thermodynamics states otherwise
And entropy absorbs reality
And I fall beneath the spores of my origin
In pieces
For how can this cosmos not be a sigh of relief
when it has kept me forever from the sun that pretended to shield me


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