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United States
39° 41' 37.3524" N, 104° 47' 13.56" W
United States
39° 41' 37.3524" N, 104° 47' 13.56" W

It’s tempting,

to gaze upon the night sky                                      

and see only crisp starlight, juxtaposed

with a firm sheet of outer space.

But most would know that soon,

starlight and darkness become

black and white…

and not long after that,

colors transcend into thoughts.

A canvas of dreams is painted onto

the once-superficial background,

projecting forth the beauty of the mind.


As does a terrific storm captivate the soul;

gazing upon it,

only to swear it’s crueler than the last.

But more majestic, more unworldly.

And as enthralling as it may be,

quickly the spirit goes beyond its gate,

using its awe as a springboard to the heavens.

Quickly thunder becomes a heartbeat,

lightning a guide,

and wind a walkway,

a marble staircase for the imagination.


It’s where staircase and canvas clash,

where the mind and the soul become

one beautiful occurrence and imagination

is both home and lost in space.

The sky becomes more than just stars,

and you appreciate it for what it was,

all along.

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