What Do You See?

Sat, 04/20/2013 - 13:25 -- stazz18


United States
33° 41' 41.0784" N, 112° 9' 17.7984" W

Look around
Tell me what you see
It’s easy when it’s staring back at me
May be foreign to the newest eyes
Always pure behind the tallest disguise
Let no fancy cloud your doubt
It’s there, it’s there, shout
Echoes from the superior
Crumbles icy exterior
Blanketed by warmth and complexion
Truthful to a sinister reflection
Once here, slowly faded
Unrecognized, bothered, hated
It’s what we’ve been given, what we know
We’ve destructed our tickets to the show
Look around
What do you see?
Cause nothing’s staring back at me


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