Step It Up


I wish you could see

                        What I see

Everything is where

                        It’s supposed to be

We are creatures of habit

                        Of vanity and destruction

We care nothing for those around

                        Or what we destroy

As long as we get where we want

                        We let nothing stand in our way

But nature is prevalent as well

                        It’s unstoppable

Nothing can save us

                        From her wrath

She is everywhere at once

                        And nowhere at all

She creates but she also destroys

                        Everything in her path

If we don’t care for the Earth

                        She will not care for us

We are expendable to her

                        And we matter not

Either we stop killing her and replenish

                        Or she will kill us

The Earth can flourish without us

                        But we cannot without it

Step it up

            And stop it.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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