Racist Dichotomy And Democracy

Tell me more about democracy


Nobody is a fool

Tell me more about dichotomy

Go ahead! I am cool

Tell me more about racism

Nobody is a tool

Tell me more about fascism

Tell me more lies about a rule

For dark, darker people and another one

For white people. You’re not going to win

This time, because your supercilious smile

Is too obvious. Change promptly your style

Because the world is watching, recording

Talking, texting, chatting and complaining

About overt racism. All borders are closed

For Africans, Haitians and other minorities. But the gates

Are wide open for others who have long or straight nose

Oh! For others who are more civilized and more human

Isn’t it well known that God had created all men

And women equal under the glaring and hot African sun

Under the bright stars and under the daring and clear moon?

Oh! The blood that flows in all human veins is red

Not black, not white. And at night, we all need a bed

To rest the body, to appease the soul. Tell me more

Keep on lying to me and keep on closing the door

On the face of my brothers and sisters. Now, it is obvious

That the Democrats are as evil as the Republicans regarding

Immigration for Haitians who are fleeing bad foreign policies

Natural and governmental disasters, persecution, kidnapping

Abject poverty, legal and illegal bandits, injustice and miseries

Tell me more about freedom, liberty, justice and democracy

Try to hypnotize me and neutralize me. Oh! What a dichotomy!

You welcome the white ones with open arms, because of whom they are

But there exists a perpetually undeclared and psychological war

In the streets of the shanty towns of Haiti. Human beings are kidnapped

And assassinated on a daily basis. No need to applaud or to clap

Because I am telling the truth. At this juncture, the world wants equal

Treatment for all the sons and daughters of God. The world wants justice

And peace on Earth. In front of the gates of Hell, where the racists

Will enter to be burnt and rotted, in front of the thick and tall

Borders and parameters of Heaven, color does not exist

Our God Almighty does not separate or discriminate

Let’s love sparkle and flourish and stop the culture of hate

Tell me more about dichotomy

Nobody is a fool

Tell me more about democracy

Go ahead! I am cool

Keep on lying. Tell me more about diplomacy

And I will tell you the truth about bigotry and hypocrisy.


Copyright © March 2022, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved

Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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