the left-overs


United States
27° 56' 10.9788" N, 82° 22' 39.8424" W

Gas prices are too high
College tuition isn’t even affordable
Layoffs and cut backs are expected and even looked forward to
What has the world come to?
Remember the easy breezy seventies, where we could all hold hands and work together
Or was that forgotten when the oil companies took over our world and minds
Brainwashing us with their oil scares and fear tactics
Telling us to rely on them, don’t think with your own minds
When all the while your salary is decreasing and their prices are increasing
Then there’s the going green movement
As if you can afford organic products with the measly check you get in the first place
How are we expected to change when we don’t know the truth but are thrown catchy commercials that show smiling oil drill workers who are the cause of an oil spill?
It was only a small one though, costing millions of jobs and a decrease in the biodiversity of the water ecosystem
But it’s okay, we can just clone some fish for dinner
Have we even paused in the middle of an oil war and wondered
Who. What. When. Where. How can we really solve our problems and the long term effects?
Or do deploying thousands of men and women with families left behind take less time
Have we wondered whose hands we’re leaving the earth in?
Our children. Their children.
If they have the same mindset their parents do, what will the third rock from the sun become?
Just dish them our left-overs.


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