Concrete Jungle


Concrete wasn’t always made so harsh and solid

In fact it was mostly straw

When I walk without my shoes on

It rubs my poor feet raw

But shoes never make it on my feet

Even walking along the street

Even on a rainy day

This is how my feet will stay


One day I came across a baby owl

Which in this environment did not belong

 Some would call this owl cute

But to me it just seemed wrong

She wasn’t moving

Not a bit

Seemed like all she could do was sit


I got closer her stillness became unsettling

Like a wine glass on the edge of a high counter top

Confused, her eyes filled with fear and curiosity

The world around me became foreign

Objects jutted out from the dark hard ground

Air no longer contained oxygen


The sky reached down to me like a mother to a child.

I looked down and up looked the tiny owl

Why were we here? 

What has caused this fake reality incorporated within our everyday lives?

 If there is more life in this universe, have they wreaked as much havoc as humans have on this world? 

On our mother? 

What has caused this?

 Another rising above in a field of equality, creation?

 No, not rising; towering. 


The owl flew

Flew far away

Where they are the predator

Not the prey

Where the sun sets

And the sky smiles

Where the ground is soft

For miles and miles


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