America the Joke

America the great,

Have you ever been?

Perhaps one day, but not now.

What are we great in?


We shuffle too large

Behind over-packed bars.

We cannot afford to live

While we take all we can.

Too stupid and proud to even issue a ban

On guns.


As a race we take,

But as a country we detroy.

Coal, energy, oil.

It never ends.


We are cannon fodder

For a failing country.

Corrupt, greedy, money-hungry -

Are we ever run by anyone else?


For a country that cries for facts

While only listening to opinions,

Where is the proof we are great?

Perhaps we are just too great

In size to see the problem,

Until, of course, it's too late.

This poem is about: 
My country



This poem is about a compilation of what I see wrong with this country. There are too many issues to address in one poem.

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