When You Are In The Matrix

"Wake Up Neo.

"The Matrix has you."


Digital Mind Control.

Green codes align with the receptors of our brain.

We are connected atoms in a desensitized networking.

The world bastardize a minimal prototype to keep us bounded away 

From a peaceful world.

It's a society that dehumanizes a species branching out red systematic

Currants like liquid fire.

Begging you to greed,

Where you are never freed.

Cause they are everywhere...

Wanting to constantly stay asleep.


Like computerized zombies.




Social media.

Is the devil's playground.

Have you heard of that one before?

Where the websites of haters, gossips, and cruelty resurface the


The spew like dysfunctional viruses crawling into the back of our minds.

Like cell sucking batteries out of the many lives into ONE device.

When there are plenty more other positivity to reply.



Pressuring us to be nothing but mouses on a clicking screen.

Plugging into the false images cracking our innocence.

It's saddening!!!





The governmental pyramid.

Deplorable hypnotist.

The cypher illusionist.

Dividing us from racism, sexism, and vile controversies.

Popularizing the fakeness and immorality.

Sending their agents to implode our sectors.

Where we cannot be fully repaired detectors.

Why do we follow such mediocre reality instead of creating our own?

We are developing influencers to do something extraordinary!!

And NOT repeatable experimentation!!!





We are a bunch of scattered plots.

All piled into one degenerated box.

They treat us like messy psychological machines.

Built-in capsules to bypass surrogate chemicals to demolish us.

Hacking up digital spies to disfigure our cyber nation.

The economical world are being singed.

We are being rigged by our own kind!!!

Don't let the tech fool you.

Cause there are hyperactive engineers to defile the time.

To make us do what they tell us to do.

Energized hypocrites!!!

Who always put us to deformity.




Most of them.

Will Always wanna do it for the,





Please, let us wake UP!!!




Sad, sad, horrific times...

But we have to know that, we are SOO MUCH MORE smarter than this

It's time to placid new innovations to light up blue refines.

Our enzymes metaphorically change over time.

When will we open our eyes??

So we won't let the radiating kilowatts destroy our brains.

And we are NO longer BLIND!

But do we listen?

Will we ever listen...?




It's time to unload,

And crack those codes.

Of this slave,

Jaded system world.

Letting go these bad bolts to NEVER control you EVER again.

The numbers will no longer be defeated by replicated insomnia.


It's time to wake up.

But I will tell you this, ladies and gentlemen of the world.

Are you ready to get away from this drug?

I assure you.

This life will be FAR more living, brighter, and MORE free.

I promise you.

You fill your heart with tracing peace.

Now, sail to the golden yellow beams of light.

Cause you Belong.

Into a world of unity.

Where you are Finally,


And gonna be ready to be,









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