Never Lose Sight


Many noises. Many distractions. So I keep flowing on.

The land is beautiful. I am calm here with the soft whisper of silence singing strong.

I try to hold on. But the noise and the screams, they flourish along.

Where did this land go? How can I be what I used to be. Without that calm?


I am always awake, so that I can reach this calm once more.

I know that it is there, I know I have to be ready. If I don't, what will I be at my core?


The city lights. They are beautiful, and I get lost in the sound.

But the light of the moon speaks soft to me,

with it's effortless and natural wonders abound.

So, let us love the city and the buildings which will be.


And when it is silent again, remember to appreciate what is natural and pure.

Because our souls are lost out there, but the moon will come calling, so don't ever lose sight.


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