Protect Her


Shades of black collide above, jostling each other

Lines of stars bright and white, so vividly wild.

Wind sheathing our bodies with every gust,

Black leaves cascading downward into a dark swirl.


Mountains glow emerald, striking like an evil queen,

See her face atop its peak, beautiful, cold, stone.

“Come closer” she seemed to whisper to us travelers

Captured by beauty, paralyzed by nature’s cynic song.


Shrieks of winged-things, unidentifiable.

Murky mist takes our breath, leading us North,

Farther and farther into the dark green abyss.

Lost. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature.


Rage fills her when she sees “travelers”

Who break through her skin, tear down her limbs,

Rip her roots from her beloved ground,

Destroy the world she created, in the name of greed.


Winds build, the smell of rotten fruit.

Torrential rains rush downward like

floods of black acid.

Our skin scalds like fire from chemicals.


Swept up and encompassed by liquid.

Lost breath, lungs filled with poison.

Our eyes close.

We are at the mercy of Mother Nature.


Eyes open in a field of light green,

Sun sparkles its rays on our heads, warm, comforting.

Tall grass swings blissfully in the light breeze

We see the beauty; the true beauty.


Protect, savor her purest form.

Bring love to our lands.

See the grains of time,

Let her whisk you away into the glorious abyss.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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