your future fate

america the great,

oh powerful is thee

you strip the land of Habitats,

and chop down all the Trees


your pride is evident

everyone can see

you put your nation’s treasured Bird

at risk of all dying


you wave our country’s flag

the 50 stars in sight

then ignore the fact that our Sky

Is bleached with man-made light


america the free

you say that all the time

you stuff our Wildlife in cages

and say it’s not a crime


america the just

take off your righteous cloak

for is it really fair to feed

the Air with smog and smoke?


you sing of brotherhood

“from Sea to shining Sea”

but the Ocean isn’t shining

with pollution and debris


keep on building landfills

so we can throw away,

america the beautiful,

our waste to all decay


america the free

america the great

I hope you will be ready to

accept your future fate



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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