Beauty Untouched is Hurt by the Hand

We find beauty in things untouched
The remaining virginity of nature mesmerizes
But in an attempt to grasp it
It is tortured by the hands of the ignorant
The greedy, the unsatisfied
A child-like mind
To take it in our possession
Claiming "it's our and ours to keep forever more"
And to make our forever
We pull out the roots of land
Away from its beginning when God called it paradise
Just to make it "our" paradise
How can we claim what's not entitled in our names
We were not put here to take
But to be defenders of land
And all that have no thought of improvement suffer
For they are not creatures that can walk upon the man and share words
If only we could hear the voices of the wind
"Just sit with us, because you cannot harness us; You cannot improves us without harm."


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