A Place In the Sun

Wed, 11/27/2013 - 12:58 -- Roanoke


Howling and humbling,

Crying and stumbling,

Preaching and butchering,

We drag ourselves forward,

Seeking paper organs

And ADHD addled brainwaves,

Listening to Earth’s cries,

As we drive our stake deep,

And Sign Our Dotted Lines,

Forever yearning our

Long Forgotten goal;

A purpose burned with coal,

Discarded with our facts,

Exhaled with our iron lungs,

Just as we are chained

In Plato’s dark cave,

With nothing but flickers

To light our pitiless-

Sycophantic musings.

Our candlelit condemnations.

We drag ourselves forward,

Seeking Our Place,

Our Place In the Sun.


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