While The Wind Blows


United States
36° 4' 21.8388" N, 86° 57' 44.6724" W

I remember the gently blowing wind in my youth that shook the trees. I remember the soft, gentle flower petals fall from the trees and land in my palm. The passing street cars zooming right on by. The disparity between nature and modern society are as different as day and night. Yet the gentle wind continues to blow regardless of being in nature or society. Everyone and everything can feel the wind as it continues to blow. The wind shows that nature and society can coexist. The wind defines us. It gives comfort and relief yet it is unforgiving and harsh at times as well. Eons may pass, times may change, we may all grow up, but the wind will continue to blow. The wind will continue and so will we. We will all grow up. The wind will be with us along the way. The gentle will will continue to shake the trees. Even as I am already grown and old.


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