Education is the way to go

Fri, 12/27/2013 - 21:37 -- msaguil

Education is the way to go

They say the more we learn the more we earn

Go to school get good grades and one day it will pay.

Read them books and write them essays

Answer the questions and pass the exams.

How is it learning if we just study enough for the grade.


Grades, Grades, Grades. 

I feel that's all the concern is today. 

No worries about whether students are actually learning or not. 

No concern about the cost that students have to pay. 

Education is the way to go. 


How far will we go in order to get a good education?

Lying, stealing, cheating. 

We know it's wrong to do those things,

yet so many students are afraid to fail.

Failure is the way to learn. 

With failure we learn from our mistakes and make it better.

I hope one day we can have a system that honors failing to learn.

Education is the way to go.


Education is great.

We deffinitely need it to be successful.

Lets do our part to change the system.

Lets make a difference.

Education is the way to go. 


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