Delusions of Grandeur

In my dreams, I often visit Eden,
wild, pristine unspoiled by man.
Nature's palette blankets the earth
and God's creatures roam free on the land.
Of course, it's only a daydream.
Man's greed is a cancer yet.
This poor, old world is like a brave steed,
that's been rode hard and put away wet.
We've fouled and polluted our rivers and
we've ruined the land in our greed.
We choke and we gag on the smog we call
and the seas are sewers where toxins breed.
Have patience, great dinosaur, dodo and auk,
man soon, will be sharing your fate.
He treats Mother Earth like a harlot,
deserving only defilement and hate.
Monuments are raised to man's " greatness."
He ignores in his arrogance and pride,
the fate of Earth's last planetary rulers.
He's forgotten how the great dragons died.
When the last tree has gone to the campfires,
when the last sea is nothing but salt,
when the last child is dead of starvation,
who will know man existed at all?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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