We are all taught to believe our choices are our own,

yet we walk the Earth our voices still unknown. 

Its a popularity contest you can never win,

your fate is decided before you even begin.

We are led to believe that we can't make a change,

that our dreams and our goals are just not in range.

In a world so corrupt the problems rarely show.

Ignorance is bliss; we feel better not to know.

But I can't help but feel we have had enough,

the rich don't bail out the poor when the going gets tough.

I am so disappointed in this land we call the free,

the lies and the money don't make sense to me.

I want to make a change but I feel so small,

so I stand here waiting with my back against the wall.

People need to change their line of sight,

raise their voice and do what's right. 




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