Awakening To Reality

Flashing lights and buzzing sounds

Crowds of people all around

Walking fast with noisy feet

They make an effort to cross the street

Smoke billows up from automobiles

It fills my lungs with ghastly feels

Street performers play all day

For spare change that makes their pay

Head lights blare and tires screech

They all pitch in the city’s beat

More and more do people appear

Holding cellphones close to their ears

Looking up, what a sight

Buildings block the sun’s warm light

To my right, no tree in sight

Only people squished so tight

These things replace reality

With an artificial brutality

Buildings for trees

No climbing please

Cement for grass

Stay off as you pass

My peace is gone

My heart is drawn

To nature instead of this city

I need to escape

I need to flee

There’s only one place I’d rather be

Trapped in here I feel so cold

Where garbage and trash and filth are sold

As I run with noisy feet

I make an effort to escape the street

To break free from the cars

And the smoke

And the cold

To warm my heart and my displaced soul

I sprint until my legs give way

Collapsing on the ground

Then I feel the grass where I lay

And look to see what I’ve found

A different kind of rhythm drips into my brain

The noises from an hour ago begin to fade away

Looking up, what a sight

I finally see the suns warm light

Trees for towers

Speckled with flowers

Grass for the streets

In rows and fleets

I inhale a sweet aroma

Slowly allowing my limbs to relax

As the air fills my lungs

I forget the past

Here I am free

Where birds can fly among bees

Where there is grass and rivers and trees

I finally escaped

I’m finally free

No longer trapped in an artificial brutality

No longer doomed to be reshaped

I am awake

In TRUE reality


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