Inertia is a lie


Inertia is a lie
Somewhere along the way
our feet lost touch with the bare earth
and now our roots have shriveled up
and now our roots are homeless
and we wonder what is missing
when we are working toward the future
when we are searching for direction
in this world that we're caught up in
in a gyroscope of unquestioned "truth"
inertia keeps us going
so invariably that we know not
that we are standing still
while sustenance rots
in dumping sites
and children starve
and cows grow fat
and chronic illness is just a part of life
and everything has turned downside
and irrationality has become reason
and madness sanity
and people can't even hear their own hearts
over the numbing wind
blowing in their ears
and people would rather close their eyes
and keep spinning in their little orbits
than have their senses come alive
because that could mean pain
and who knows what the hell is out there in the rest of space?
It's so big
and walls are neat and tidy
and all stars will eventually die
and it's so much easier to just listen to the voices--
the all-knowing, the omnipresent, the godly voices--
and we are marionettes pulled by strings
that look to us like the stuff of free will
but we don't understand what that is
and somewhere beneath our discordant noise
the earth is sobbing and sighing and laughing
and knows that we are the ones who are dying
for she will live on as long as there are roaches
and our struggles are ironic
because we are searching in all the wrong places
and all we need to do is
(it's not as hard as we think)
and open our eyes
and it's all really very simple,
we will see.


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