Layer of dust

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 20:49 -- inu1989


United States
38° 32' 50.7948" N, 121° 46' 35.5116" W

Dust drifts down, and for a moment, it resembles the dance of white snow.
Caused by a large boom, the dust falls and crashes into the top of houses, trees, and people.
Some dust lingers in the air and shrouds everything in sight.
It shrouds everything in a burial embrace with long, coal colored bony fingers.
"Hush," the shroud says in a warm voice, " You need me and I need you."
The shroud sings a lullaby as the dust continues to fall.
"Everything is fine. Nothing is wrong. You need me and I need you!" the shroud sings.
"The mountains are cursed and the river is a path to hell. Stay here, in safety."
The gentle singing of the shroud continues through the day, or is it the night?
The dust keeps falling and the shroud keeps singing.
The dust may settle but the effects of the shroud remain.
The shroud will always sing, "You need me and I need you!"

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