The Pail

A tomb of opportunities spent --

Wretched anguish fills my soul


At the sight of that ominous,

Gaping hole. Inside, with eyes


Attuned to darkness I 

Behold plates, wasted; ketchup packets


Unopened; and the ripe odor of fruit. 

Spoons, cups, knives, forks, too much plastic;

Rolls, ketchup, syrup in the bowls at the top;

Dirty shoes, some unused; only clothing that is bare

Can find itself belonging here.

Bags, paper, ketchup, styrofoam 


Lastly, I want to mention that 

Most people probably don’t see the


Little piece of plastic wrap hanging off

To the side that makes it all worth it because


It hasn’t been touched by the 

Failures of the world. 

This poem is about: 
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 


Annette M Velasquez

Unique and innovative... I like your perspective, it is fresh and "different". I see that you were motivated by ekphrastic poetry, you did a good job by the focus on the visual, but also the metaphors and wording are strong.

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