Ignorance: Our own Destruction

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 18:47 -- elditz

Humans are Ignorant;

Illiterate and Inexperienced.

We live in a world Poisoned by Greed.

The land We Claim as Our own Decays around Us.

We Choke and We Wheeze

as Our air becomes naught but Smoke and falling Ash.

The Sun that once warmed Our skin Wanes.

The plants Yearning for light

reach out Desperately to no prevail.

Our rivers and Our lakes flow brown with muck and Tragedy.

Yet We wonder

why the fish are Dying and cannot be eaten.

Yet We wonder

why We cannot Breathe.

We cannot come to Admit

the Wrongful Actions We have Committed.

As Humans We have developed a theory.

A simple theory that We stand Superior.

We Bend all Life to Our Will.

Kill and let Live.

Control and Command.

We have come to believe that We have the Power

to decide between Nuisance and Blessing.

The Power between Life and Death.

The Heinous Power of a Ruthless Murder.

Flower and Weed.

Pet and Rodent.

One must be Loved.

The Other Eradicated.

We must Control all within Our sight.

Chop the Tree.

Cut the Grass.

Kill the Weeds.

We cannot let Life Live as it should.

Instead We must Morph its very Existence

into Our own Perfect Image.

We cannot look at true Beauty without detecting a Flaw.

The Grand season of Autumn.

The Stunning Hues of Color

blanketing this Earth.

The Wonders and Glory of this time.


Humans see only the Work of raking it Away.

The Crisp months of Snow and Ice.

The Glittering of its Frigid cover

coating the Frozen green grass.

A Glittering like Diamonds hanging beneath the sun.


Humans see only the Toil a first Winter's Snow leaves behind.

The Human race walks Blindly.

We Take what We Desire from Mother Earth.

And Never Give anything in Return.

Never Giving Thanks for her Gifts.

Thinking everything We Claim is now our Own.

We Cut down Forests, Never Replanting those trees We Chop.

We Kill Helpless creatures, Killing for naught but Entertainment and Our own


We Disrupt the Natural Balance

and Corrupt the Future of the Planet itself.

One day, may We finally Understand the Danger?

The Danger that We have put All Life in?

One day, may We finally Understand what We have done?


One day, We will finally Pay for Our Crimes...

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