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Looking down over the edge, trying to make a not make a tough decision,  Trying to remind myself there there is more too life than this vision. The thoughts in my head are not true,
<b>Clouds of Life</b> The clouds of doubt Clouds of stress
I’m so tired of being scared to ask questions. I’m so tired of trying to be perfect all the time. I’m so tired of trying to take everyone’s suggestions. I’m so tired of being told I’m ‘Fine’.
Why do I feel like I'm being held at gunpoint Every second of my life? My parents are threatening to pull the trigger if I don't perform to their expectations in school.
Why do I love my other wife more than I love you? There is no question that you still love me regardless of the situation. And I shall not forsake you because I am indebted to you.
As embers in the night, you set my heart on fire intense and violent, wildly out of control spreading intensely i find myself lost in the thought, that is "you" though maybe it was my own wishful thinking
I'm a wicked person how others described me and my own parents. I was born evil because I’m envious, selfish, and jealous. 
I'm a wicked person how others described me and my own parents. I was born evil because I’m envious, selfish, and jealous. 
A ghost came back into my life the other day. Granted I wasn’t trying to keep it away. But I call it a ghost because it’s dead to me.
Out of nowhere came junior year Having peaked in ninth grade, since then I gained weight and my face Had more acne than before even though they told me it would go away by now.
Do better, I need to do better. There is always a struggle, to get what I need. Sign up for scholarships so you don't have to pay for college. I still need to do better.
Do better, I need to do better. There is always a struggle, to get what I need. Sign up for scholarships so you don't have to pay for college. I still need to do better.
You are stress because you are Seeking  freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom for self fights. You are stress because you are Trusting the process. Trusting the processes that will lead to success.
It's About THAT TIME ... To Use STRAIGHT Rhymes To EXORCISE ... What Rests Inside My ... ANGERED Mind ... !!!!! A Mind That Tries To OPEN Eyes ... of Those With Sight Whose Vision's ... "Blind" ... !!!
Tick tock Biological clock So selfish of you to take so much time to decide To say it is over Don't you know there are deadlines I must keep? My plans have fallen apart
spinning spinning round and round nowhere noone slows it down hands outstretched tryingtheir best i grasp and i claw my mind knows no rest it is like the world is muted spinning spinning round and round
Well Nowadays … It Seems To Be Getting To … Quite A FEW … !!!!! Well Actually There Are Multitudes … Now Taking ABUSE From Those Who CLEARLY RULE The Roost … !!!
Poor Tony Blair His Job's Been A STRESS ... !!! Well That's A Shame ... !!! If He Wants Sympathy For Stress He Feels ... He's NOT Just STRESSED He's Going INSANE ... !!!
How Tough Has Life Become These Days ... ?!? Violence REIGNS With PAIN And STRIFE ... !!! You NEED To Be TOUGH To Just SURVIVE ... !!!!! Prices ... riSE ... !!!!! That's No Surprise And Is NO LIE ... !!!
How easy it is, To stand and look pretty While taking a photo.   As I see the image that others see— Joyful but Smart.
the mingled stench of green seaweed and salty waves  cascades the nostrils of the adolescent girl.
Goddess of the war The war storming in her head, she of strong will and knowledge Walking the halls striding closer, Ever closer 
What a child He knows how to play He speaks in silence  Holds his tongue  His eyes read worlds of wonder  He's feeling the pressure to 
Image credit: Qianlong | The Print Collector/Heritage-Images/Imagestate..An emperor spoke in poetic verseWhich lead to fame for him at firstBut after some time became a curseFor the emperor had no prose.
Every day has two mornings One with the sun Where beams kiss your cheek  And you’re off on the run   And one with time
It is a cliche But nonetheless a truth That I like  Long walks on the beach. Walking is heaven but running is hell   On a beach
The teacher told me to study more. My family wanted me to do well in school, And because of the teacher, my grades began to soar.   Studying soon became a chore,
If love is fleeting Then it's sleeting. You said you hate me Now you date me. You get me riled up, When the bills are piled up. I'm already stressed, I can't deal with that mess.
i stand miles above and from town, observing the little specks of pure white and monarch orange lights; some lights cluster and kiss, while some run and hide between botany. through the lens of logic,
Why does it feel like this? I fee like time is moving forward so fast and I’m barely keeping up. Going through the motions, day by day, week by week. Monday mornings to Sunday nights, seven days full of struggles.
exhale its over stress is out the door the floor is freedom i walk proudly to the next chapter in life almost as if peace had a scent  i’m attached my time has come
Papers stuffed neatly into their respective folders,            Textbook clenched tightly against my side, I turn to face the dawn.             My mother stands against the light.
You do not need a second job My mother used to say But ma I’ve got this mouth to feed And bills I’ve got to pay.      Isn’t one enough for you To land you on your feet?
O what a charming blue day! Twittering birds had so much to say But much duller inside, where boredom did hide,
Since being grown up, I read more now. Not just for fun but,  to learn lore and how this world is run.   This all began in 2015. When Trump ran,  and I was eighteen,
What have I done? He is restless without my touch. He needs constant reassurance. Is there no faith that I can give him? I have done no wrong. No reason t thing of another. Stress eats me whole.
Adulthood daunting, calling, taunting.Empty applications haunting.Heartbeat thudding in my chest,Through one more standardized test.
I can feel it inside me  like a fire burning from within the stresses of life burning a hole in my core the bills that need to be paid the friends that are fading away the job that i despise but need
Overthinking things Makes me want to scream
As the time continues to go by Without us knowing, the clock is slowly ticking Our energy depletes after the end of a day And in the morning we start the same routine all over again
Staring at my laptop screen... looking at the different messages. I remember feeling so small, just a teen.  But then I got something that would take other people seconds, that I got in ages.  
Mr. Sandman, why can’t I sleep? I try so hard and still need relief While every night, I lay there in waiting But instead, my thoughts are introspective wailing. For you see sir, all that I see
Is it wrong that I hide, My true feelings and thoughts inside?   I've never been one to tell my life or the stories that are behind... the person that I am today  
fighting writhing agony with screaming voices in my head and on and on throughout my day for evermore they say that I can’t measure up, and till i drop i’ll
To be a kid again, life was simpler then, With carefree afternoons and evenings That left you in bed content with Pleasant dreams and memories.  
Pressure, Pressure is what looms over me. Growing up with sense and some type of task, Forced to be the best I can be. School covers the face of stress with a mask.
There’s little alarm Brought on by my alarm Spitting its scream at 6:15.  
The tired Sun rests On waves and pale sand, as the Moon waits for his turn  
In the dead of night I close my eyes But cannot keep these thoughts outside I hear it scratching at my door And moaning from beneath the floor  
the echo of strings from the busy street it rings as rosiny dust fills the air a melody, calm, slow, almost still a lone pigeon stops to stare    
I made the mistake of allowing myself to dip my toes into the water And letting myself get carried away into the deep end. I couldn’t find it in me to save myself Because I never learned how to swim.
I made the mistake of allowing myself to dip my toes into the water And letting myself get carried away into the deep end. I couldn’t find it in me to save myself Because I never learned how to swim.
If only life was as easy to handle as a pile of laundry. It builds up and up, but a quick load or two will shrink it back down. And then all that is left is the warm smell of lavender soap and an empty basket.   
The Sun is so warm That the grass is very green, And here's panda bear!
I stumble home, inordinately tired -- Spent, drained, and reeling. This weary mind flitters through topics But has the capacity to linger on nothing. Reluctantly, I've given up working,
In the morning her eyes paint the cities horizon. Stretching and yawning. Getting dressed; Her blue tapestry. Opening the door to her apartment She climbs down broken stairs. It's payday Friday.
Plug it in to drown in out Indulge the sound and dance about Stress is without a trace Momentarily, hope takes its place Feeling connected and no longer alone
The new school year is already biting me. can't seem to get the hang of chem, and can't seem to land a good pre calc teach.   I am not failing any classes, but to me,
The propaganda they crack but I ain't buying/ Blues beat the blacks, black and blue so red they lie in/ Watch the news it ain't nothing new, my people still suffering/
She grew up in a home where every grade mattered, where “A” stood for average, and anything below 100% was not good enough. She grew up in a school
Oh mentor of mine, You are my valentine, Oh wait. I'm lying. Thats ok you lie too, You had me I had you, I needed sleep , You lulled me. You needed ears, And I tuned in.
Lines and curves, Letters and words.  Poetry. An output plug, Decoded just for me.  An encryption to every stressful memory. Once filled with anxiety,  Now given a release. 
I'm plummeting down Into my deepest worries Can I survive this?
The flock finds nothing to worry about. For with the cold sun, It shall fly south.   The lion wrinkles not Despite its kindred loss.
Click* The light flicked The darkness hid. Hisss! The cat whispered To the cockroach In the crib, The baby is dead, The house is filled with holes And no water,
there’s a woman who wasn’t the best mother   she had depression it was quite sad even tried to take her life  
My life. My life?  I sit in class staring at the wall.  The teacher spewing "knowledge"  I am lost. Lost in my thoughts until I realize I have not been thinking. 
Driving up the mountain just to see the sunrise I saw something that really caught my eye  I saw the trees that stand proudly in the summer And I couldn´t help but say they reminded me of her 
Underlying stress That I fail to address Haunts me evermore. Peeping out of pores Like unlocked doors.  Gathering below eyes As vultures in countenance's sky. Presence, lurk no further. 
My life consists of heartbreak, It's all made up of shit. Confusion is synonymous With life and life with it.  I hate to look in mirrors To see what's looking back: The sunken eyes, the fatty thighs,
How is this supposed to feel? After so many days of stress, Rest hardly feels real. It's something I can't assess. I feel like a sphere. Each task causes me to compress,
Life full of So much work My greatest love Has turned beserk Smother me My head hurts Cry in my tea Tears on my shirt
I feel like I'm drowning in your words and every time I open my mouth to breath, I lose more air. 
I pray to Him, I wonder if He even hears me.   My routine: Alarm set to wake me up at 5:00 A.M. After I awaken, I play some tunes. I like J. Cole, Kendrick, Tupac, Jay, Nas…
Dear God, Hi. It’s been a while. At least, probably longer than it should have been.
Dear Anxiety,   My heart races when you are near. My hands become sweaty as you whisper in my ear.   A tingle up my spine. You have always been mine.
Dear Self, Why can't you get this right? Why do I slip Down one-way, two-way, three-way streets When you're at the helm of my mind?   I am unbalanced I am chaotic 
I want to die So I can be as free as a butterfly I want to die My friends feel like they are passing me by I want to die All of my plans have gone awry
enamored by the work people bragging and boasting they breathe freely in the air gliding through classes, coasting I sigh and give cold smiles Because I can't focus I'm withholding
wide awake once again hoping sleep will be my friend but for now its late late at night my mind too filled to drift away
To all the people who are forced to work rather than live: Stress is the side effect of life squanderously spent; Of undue labor, toil, and strife; Why do we demand so much sweat in this life?
Dear Self,  You have to rest, You shouldn't worry so much.  I've seen you hurt  I've seen you laugh I'd love to see you live
Stress is a Bitch Maleek Mayers   Stress is a bitch, It’s like an unbearable itch, No matter how much you scratch,
Dear   MomI   know   we’ve   lived   together   for   foreverYou   think   you   probably   know   most   of   my   lifeRight?WrongThere’s   so   much   I   never   told   youAll   the   times   I   cried
Dear College Why are you so expensive The costs to go is quite extensive My future studying will be intensive I hope the finals aren't comprehensive   Sincerly, A broke college student.  
Everytime I see the doctor, I pretend to be who they want me to, Or who they think I am.   For I know if I tell them, They'd invalidate me instead:   "You are female." "Forget about it."
Dear Esther, I haven’t been the kindest lover. After a decade of affection, I have grown impatient. My fingers get rough,
The actions you do, The words you say, Slowly eating away.   You don't see the psychopath, Who lives inside of me, Leading me down the wrong path.   I want to shout,
Dear Darian,   I’m stuck in a game of tag I thought it would be fun The closer he gets, the faster I run My body is drained,  but I continue   I can’t be ‘It’
Young Lady,I know you are stressed,But do not fret over being the best.You are stressing too much,
It's all  so much So  much to do so many  expectations so many priorities So many people  demanding demanding  demanding
Join this, apply for that make a decision but don't look back. Be remembered, do your best make all A's and beat the rest. If you fail, you'll be stressed wearing a sence of defeat, you'll be dressed.
I'm talking about the metaphorical kind (but not really). You can die from stress. My teacher once told me if you got sick enough your brain melts and you drown. To put it bluntly,
The circle The rustle of the blanket Pulling me away from sleep From silence But in the absence of silence In the midst of noise
Tick...Tock...Tick Just breathe Keep calm You got this You studied for hours Wait is it A or B? Wait what does this even mean? Did you really study enough? Was four days enough?
I'm at war with my mind And the only sense of peace I can find Is if I go back and let my mind rewind Back to when I didn't think much About what I looked like and where I'd sit at lunch
Abuse brings abuse The cycle creates psychos And will continue To apprehend you Even while you smile The vile style  Is not easy to hide  We dive into our psyche  And see stressful times
Mama, I hope that you’re proud of me. I hope you’re proud of the way that I slave every day And how sometimes I pray Even though I don’t believe in a Jesus.
A Man A room Confined to silence Darkness comes and goes Maybe of sleep, maybe of death His body wonders, his mind paces What then does he seek Perhaps a reason, Perhaps a light
Like a parasite, it claws at my flesh. It’s in my head, gnawing at that part of the brain which no one knows the name of:
A moment of anxiety this is where your tightrope snaps So you have a choice To grab onto the rope and swing try to climb yourself with up the edge with all you've got  bruise your knuckles on the rocks 
Do you ever feel like you don't belong   Because you're not in a group or a click   You lie in your bed at night feeling sick  
Someday sincere lips will brush against yours And he won't leave  Someday you'll feel strength in your heart mind and body You won't feel fatigue Someday your mind will be clear
And you glance at the date And the clock in the corner; It’s already getting late. Your eyes are tired,
Being overwhelmed is not a rainbow of fun, It is not a peaceful morning at yoga, Or a peaceful lake in front of you. It's not as calming as a fish. Being overwhelmed is a blank canvas,
Many people want to live the fast life That desire crumbles when they have to confront judgement's knife There is no need to live in strife Just don't go searching for the fast life
The brush stroke is smooth but not silent The colors clear and vibrant Every part of the rainbow is there Every splotch will declare
As my body starts to shake, I realize I might begin to hyperventilate. Taking deep breathes, one by one, I start to gain control again. Overwhelmed and full of stress, I begin to have anxiety attacks.
We left our hearts  to live in our heads. It was supposed to get easier but compassion is dead. Driven by money and heavy with pain; The blood on the ground runs in each of our veins.
I feel so low I can not comprehend I may smile now But I keep my sadness in   I feel like I'm drowning but I can breathe
Stress Destroys all peace And throttles all senses Creating images that cannot exist   Attacking reality,
Information; information!My mind inflates from theConstant inhalationOf words   Black on white  
She has curves that will take your breath away. She has peaks that will give you vision. Time does not exist, when you feel something like this. She has given me strength to move forward.
Bring your glasses cleaner your ketchup your boots your markers  your jar full of candy Be careful, vanilla hero
When I left home A short five months ago I had my priorities set And was not prepared to roam   College was what I had prepared for Before I knew the alphabet could rule my life
Your choices are what make you If that's the case, I'm made of poor decisions and frequent fears I'm a half-hearted concotion of anxious sweat and tears I tear, gnash at the things that pull me back
What possible could be so strong, That it demolishes those of the strongest wills? So fierce that it tear apart the toughest? So crushing it wreck the fittest? What possible be so draining,
Pull the rope from either end Watch it fray and snap and destroy from within.   Then squeeze the ball at its very core Till it’s a flat disk, with a pop, then a ball no more.  
The future is coming, it’s closing in, it’s imminent Be prepared, figure it out before the rest Decisions made now affect the rest of my life
    Iliana Torres January 2017  
I've gotten one semester through The months left for summer are few In the second semester I vowed to do my best I got a hundred on my first test My grades are all excellent, phew!
The momentum that comes to mind. in the blink of an eye. When your future and past combine. in a spark of time.  That your life will be affected. Its known as a crime.  When you're the one suspected.
Eyes are heavy, Lies always ready. Stressed to a degree, Messed up to a T. Plans a mess, What to do with the rest. Study hard, Sound like a bard. Grades are in, Finally, a win.
At the back of one’s mind lies a pond Whose smooth surface is pleasantly unperturbed By the glittering schools of fish that flash Beneath the crystalline blue waters.   Although there are times
  “They’re talking about you.” “You’re not good enough” “They don’t really like you.” “You’re going to fail.”  
2016 was such a difficult yearI started with ache.My relationship wasn't doing well,And there was too much distanceSo we decided to break.
You can go to any college you want... ...except private colleges which cost way too much. You can be anything you want to be... ...except an arts major, come on don't you want to make money?
Static: all consuming, never fading. Like the buzz of cicadas, never dissapating. I inhale but the air never reaches my lungs. Dread, despair, and stress: over-run. You kiss my lips,
Knowing what I know now, I wish I could start over I hope this does not carryover  This stress is slowly killing me It's only a matter till I'm finally free   High school is not all football and dance
I'm a Jew, this is true, So no, the year is not new, I'm still in my year, our calendar goes by the moon. It's going alright, I haven't heard back from the University yet,
As a child, I hated swimming. I was always alone, My small legs and arms seemingly paddling endlessly, Muscles reaching a point of exhaustion, And a feeling of emptiness growing inside me.
Snowflakes spinning 'round as I reflect upon my year New adventures from going far, And losing those whom I hold dear Pain blooms forward But that is not the only coloring of the rose
Anxiety is a hypocrite, the pain and worry illogical to reality. The heaviness of the world overwhelms me, but what is one supposed to do? Of course its just an over reaction, a dramatized consciousness.
Say goodbye to sleep  We fall deeper into stress Take away the pain   
Write  Write Write essay after essay I'm almost there just a little bit more annnnnnd there I made it  now what?   where do I go from here
I’m struggling I’m broken I’m completely Stressed. I let people run my life arguing who was the best Dressed. Hanging on to nonstop gossip shed too many stupid Tears.
Currently I'm a Senior who  has had a very complicated junior year Having lost many friends And coming to the realization that  I can't be perfect had dissapionted me
According to society, I have never been extraordinary. I do not fit today’s standards of pretty. I am invisible.
Typically when I'm stressed, I try to focus on things that cannot be changed. Even though my entire family and even some friends tell me I'm blessed, I cannot help but to feel like I'm tied to a chain.
My school life is getting hectic My anxiety is overflowing From microbiology to my nursing courses My panic starts clearly showing   I think I’ve had enough My stress has reached the max
Stress is a monster that consumes us, Breaking us down from the inside out, Acting like a pimple and its puss, Swelling with insecurity and self doubt.  
Ripped apart from the relentless currents of stress,  It's difficult to decide for yourself what is best. Trying to fight it, it only pushes you further back. Maybe it is trying to teach us what we lack?
The struggle to put into wordsThe thoughts that run in my mind like a herd.Shall I speak of my life?Or a fictional lie?Wh
Tests multiply Time divides Adding stress Subtracting sleep I need to eat I reach over and feel the fur Stress decreases exponentially Counting whiskers Timing purrs
Looking upon the white void before me An infinite field of endless possibility A blank slate to build any kind of world of my desire I run my hand over the blank sheet of paper that makes me feel free  
5:30a.m. a prude interupts my rest,  Ignoring it's demanding voice harder against you I began to press my chest,  6 a.m. the prude gets louder, and just to show him something I grab you tighter, 
The Sun intrudes into my bedroom, Her rays glare into my face, With brutal light, its intensity hard to take I was sleepless and down, my body worn out,
Being in college can be quite a stress. The cadets telling me how to act and dress. Can’t stand being put under all the duress. Sometimes it gets so bad that I want to scream and shout
It's easy to get wrapped up in the fog in your head, In the stress looming, threatening to overtake you like sharp-toothed shadows It's important... It's important to exhale To inhale
Beads of pellucid sweat mixing with briny tears painstakingly white knuckles cracking, air catching In pockets of charred lungs
I'm not gonna lie Free college makes me happy #Here for the money  
Listen to that pitter-patter a chill rain hits my window sill. I sit here criss-cross applesauce drowning my stress as the steam from my tea brushes against my face. Here I am happy,
Some days I wake up stressed. My heart's already pounding, I feel slightly out of breath, I can't escape the pressure even in my sleep.   The last thing I want is to get out of bed.
In days of sadness, stress, and tears I cheer myself up  because I hate when my mascara smears.
A six minute mile, feet hardly touching the ground. Nothing else matters,   My standing backflip seems to defy gravity. I spin right around.   Only five more reps.
Buzzing with your rainbow dreams All those diamond cities scream Is everything just what it seems? Golden people planning schemes  
I pick it up And turn it over It balances perfectly in my hand No chips No dents It's ready to use My feet on the line My arrows in the quiver Ready to shoot
I am in my senior year of high school, and they said it would be the best. But they must enjoy doing different things than me because all that we do is test! In the midst of all of this schoolwork,
When the world is in its softest sleep, we are awake.   We are roaring down the highway past city lights and nostalgic meadows. We roll down the windows, and a heavy petrichor fills the bitter cold air.
I am confused and loosing focus  The stress of daily life engulfs  I look out the massive clear window to my left  I see a couple jogging side by side, laughing That is when idea strikes! 
Lost in the crisis of time and exsistance, fighting to keep motivation. Why stuggle? Effortless to let go. Effortless to cease.  Somewhere, in all the pain, I remember an old friend,
   I admit I'm not tough...   I can't handle much... Or at least not at once.    Yeah...  Sometimes I cry and I can't sleep at night. I'm stressed out,                                It broke me.
To stress is an important part of life, to stress means dedication and determination. To worry means that one would care. To stress about school, friends, and work seems like a blessing. Though, it does not feel like one.
As kids,We chose the penniesOver the dimes.We associated size with value. We didn't know that dimes are worth ten times as pennies. We thoughtIt's bigger It's worth more.As kids,
to ponder, to wonderto sit quitely,in your too small roomwith soft bodysurrounded by pounds of cold booksto be trapped in a cagemade of broken pencilsand lifeless ink pens
When I feel not quite myself.When I feel like life's going all wrong.I rap up in a warm fuzzy blanketAnd turn on a show. A romantic comedy is where I find my escape from the world around.I have a snack on my lap,Chocolate or chips,Popcorn or cooki
Zero. The age when life is simple. Life in the moment, past and present, absent. Time is a concept yet to be discovered, Numbers possess no value. Smiles and laughter fill the days,
I'm shaken, I'm shaking but not from the thunder pretty soon then, my heart booms but not from the lightning The weather outside is nothing compared to the way I feel when anxious, hyper, and scared
Insecurities are always felt,especially when we're stressed. I always go to her when I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. She has always been there since day one. I can rely on her to tell me to be calm.
  I always thought that when I grew up I would be free No cares in the world with a little responsibility. No one ever told me about loans, mortgages & debt,
Today I woke up Thoughts pass through my head thinking thoughts I had been thinking of being dead I am not dead, I am alive But this does not settle a broken mind
Where my emotionIs gathered inConstant tensionMy nose, my throatHot clouds ofBreath that disallow The peaceful rainTo swallow downMy doubt, my insecuritiesMy stress, my fear
The statement "it looks good on college applications" is hammered into me until it becomes a branding, programmed into my brain cells
I'm frightened of my destructive vision People will scream and shout ruinning my self-esteem The expression from this pen is my  addiction The only way to create without it going  down stream  
Heart races Muscles tense Biting at my lip Waiting Tension builds Ready to run Ready to scream Waiting
High school; Scholarships, applying for colleges The stress of doing it all Staying on top of school Is like a hurricane.
5 A.M.                  The alarm clock goes off like a fire alarm waking me from my dream state.                 I stumble through the labyrinth                 gathering my stuff and getting dressed. 
I cannot shake this feeling Like an itch you cannot scratch, Sitting under darkened skies Ready to collapse.
When it rains it pours they say, So go and find your zen; Even if for a moments time, Peace will reign again.
Midday and I can't wait to sleep, Night comes and closed lids just won't keep. Then wake arrives to my defeat; Low energy, 12 hour day, Repeat.
With stress of home Rain clouds formed; My head became a thunderstorm. All these mantras, Words, Beliefs, Filled my head Like popping corn. Until one day, The top flew off,
It takes me back to when I was young, Bold. Fearless, and told to “Rub some dirt in it,” Before being fit into a mold And told That this is what life is.
Waking up the clock reads half past noon. Looking outside I feel a pang of gloom. I think of the day we got yelled at for not hearing our parents call us more than just a few times. We didn't know. We were too busy playing in the snow.
The work will not cease It swirls and swells around me Consuming my life
A girl's mind is like speghetti So, brace yourself and get ready Expectations are always high Romantics things make us want to cry Love is love There is none above A boy is a boy 
When I'm in my bed, thoughts swirl through my head  Like ice cream on a summer day I think of my day then  And how it could've been  Could've been better  Six panic attacks today 
Must I live in constant stress Life like a boomerang Waiting on the past to bounce back I am lost Sitting here writing poetry Emptying my thoughts Help me As I uncover the pain beneath my
Trapped in a box I am or am not Both alive and suffocating Dancing with daydreams Stitch me up Rip me up Use your own digression Eighteen and newly risen Faced with nightmare laced regression
I've planned my whole life. I'm always looking ahead. I've forgotten the present. I have to stop And look around me look behind me slow down breathe study
Art lets me release my pent-up feelings, Lets me take out my frustrations, Lets me escape my malicious thoughts.   I need expression to clear my mind.   No other thing could replace the effects that
All I need is my sanity With my sanity, I have my peace And with my peace, I have my mind And with my mind, I can survive Because I, I waver sometimes.  
They are everywhere Watching, waiting for a slip-up Waiting to criticize you for  everything you do.   There it is again! That feeling  of eyes on you. You turn and search for the eyes 
Stress is my weight Worth more in gold Stress is the world Of which we create And condem   I create today for a grade I create today for my A I create today for the stress  
I reminisce of weightlessness:  peering down into 10, 20 feet of air. My delicate days,  I recall, as a haze  full of branches: a careful cloud  of offshoots  that, long as I could, 
Ive been thinking bout you a lot lately..Maybe a little too much..Breath stinking roaches on my tooth brush..Wishin i was on the road cooking like a food wishes grantedhate waking up now cus school sucks..  Eyes tearing up.Wish i had some
Late night woken, barely alive. struggling to see the light through other's eyes. covered in darkness, covered to the core. try to show people me, but they don't see the sores.  
In the lonely darknessStands a kind, but hurt orphanShe goes by the name, LaurenHiding her tears with smilesWhile looking up at the night skyNoticing its the only beautiful thing...In her life
I hate how nothing good ever matters to people, never counts. You’re a straight A student, but have a D in one class: that’s what colleges will ponder on. 
Tell me I am nothing That's what everyone else does   Tell me that I am crazy for falling in love! Call me insane, because that is how I feel being in love when the love is less than real  
My dear, it's quite alright to be anoxic I promise you, I truly understand When feelings get so strong as to be toxic I swear to you, I'm here to lend a hand.
She saw me once standing there, helping her mother out of the bus and she smiles at me with her crooked teeth. Her blonde hair waves to me in the frisky wind And her purple blouse screams to me diva in one direction
A island. I need nothing but my past. I have no more expectations for the future. I want nothing in the moment.
Its like i want you to stay here an let my mind be at ease, but its hard to please when my heart is at need
The children are dyingand their mothers are crying.The kid took a bullet through his headright over his bed becausehe dreaded waking upto go to school in the morning.The teachers are scorning the kids
Anxiety. One of the many things, That can drive me insane. Consistently waiting for something, Or in my case, Someone.
What is there to say when the world's gone astray? What's there to fight when the government leans right? What reason to cry when all rivers run dry? What's worth the pain once I've gone insane? It's worth the love
There's something wrong with my head. I don't know what – Just that it's hurting. It doesn't usually feel so full That it's fit to bursting and burning.  
I don’t want to die Not for the pain, but for the loss I don’t want my absence to leave a gap in the cosmic fabric I don’t want my family to leave flowers at a marble cross   I don’t want to die
So many stresses, Day after day after day! It makes my head hurt!   The pain in my head Can feel like a volcano Filling me with dread!
Welcome to the quiz. There will be three items, each a different type of question.   Scores will be determined by honesty and creativity.   Respond to the best of your ability.  
Life is no fun when you're counting it by the hours Life is worth living when you’re gazing at this flower Of what has become and what’s going to be It stands bright and strong after stung by honeybees
My hands are always full I don't want to be successful I don't want that at all   I don't want a big house Of which I've paid off every ounce With my supportive spouse  
Stop. Rewind. I didn't just wake up at 5 am   to sit in a classroom full of people I can't look in the eye I didn't answer that question with spam I'm not thinking about the face somebody gives to you
As summer rises on a winter's blow I see a dead man's journey far below   for who could tell when my brain bunched right when the time suddenly crunched   Or perhaps after
paint my skies with brilliant shades of blue
College Something that  is supposed to help us grow. But at the age of 17, I'm supposed to pick my career? How would I know? Everyone gives their opinions, like one is better than someone elses.
Stress is a failure to comply with opinions and due dates. Stress forces procrastination. Stress brings even the strongest to their knees in times of need. Stress is an unfortunate destination.  
Do you ever get tired?  
Even the greatest- scientists, engineers, painters, astronauts, walk across crowded streets, surrounded by everyday people with everyday troubles, suffocating on the smoke of their own personal
You trudge through the daily life, budge through to make a life   Try to say goodbye? It doesn't work that way you've come this far just to dig your grave?   You're smart.
You know the nights where your eyelids droop-- but you don't fall asleep, no, (you could only wish), instead you're just numb.
Back to school brings supply lists from ten teachers a mile long each, packets of homework an inch thick, a state test that interrupts math class, a project due tomorrow,
Einstein may have once said"Everyone's a genius.But if you judge a fish byIt's ability to climb a tree,It will live its whole lifeBeleiving that it's stupid." There's more truth than you think to that.
My hands fell on morning Hard leather, cigarettes Tint midnight memories. Smoldering red sun snuck Up on me. Heartbroken Mother draped in her gown Waves me off.  From my home
Paranoia They whisper in the dark Voices of my mind The demons that lie within Madness
The College Board. What a horrid name for an equally horrid institution. It decides our futures based on the experiences of our pasts to guide our presents. It presents us
Oh how i love this this feeling of falling apart breaking down its peacful knowing and its merciful not knowing the innocence of not having a wall of being completely and utterly vulnerable
Take those classes Sudy hard Get an "A"                    Okay I get it.   Join those clubs  Get out there Socialize                  Alright I get it!   Scholarships
My hairs a mess My body is stressed My makeup is smeared My eyes are teared My mom is in another state My heart has had all it can take My little brothers live with my dad They misbehave and are bad
School is back again this year, time to get your act in gear.
On the first class meeting of my freshman year, I was told that when you leave highschool you are two numbers. SAT: GPA: keep up your grades, stay out of trouble, get involved.  
And it's not the cute kind of fear, not the kind with butterflies and giggles. It's the tyoe that puts a lump in your throat,
Struggling to find the words to express my insides parts of me tangled up, others intertwined
you had a smile that could direct like the compass rose.
you had a smile that could direct like the compass rose.
Calculus, Chemistry, will this endless tide of homework ever stop?
No, I don’t know I don’t know if I did “good” on the test. I don’t know if the teacher liked my essay. I don’t know what my grades are. I don’t know why I’m sad all the time.
The rain in the back of my head comes from The pain that festers in my heart. My disdain towards myself makes me bleed more Then a stab to artery and vein. I bleed
Somehow out of this bright, illuminated room a fog began to seep in. It began like a low, slithering snake, then rose up and swallowed the space whole. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear.
Running, farther faster harder. Stretch it, push it.  Break it.   Keep moving never pause for even a  moment, when you’re on the edge
The ticking never seems to slow,
I am aware of the stress,
Mommy and daddy raised me to be a butterfly
I'm running around and my head starts to spin, My chest starts to feel like it's closing at its seams
another day I wait For another fresh take on the fundamental question of 'What is Today?' I don't mean the day of the week  or a arbitrary holiday  I mean of life   Why do i feel like I'm suffocating?
Zero days without flashbac
If I could make the flow of my hands just a bit more....smooth.If I could make the pictures last long enough in my mind to take the time to draw them perfectly.
My heart is breaking, my faith is shaking, too much is what all of this stress is taking. Can't calm down, can't look around, on the outside I smile. On the inside I frown... So tired of life,
You wouldn’t guess its st. patrick’s day Not with all these faces Frowning in stasis Tears in our eyes We just keep going No recognition for one another Only stress in our minds
Why is it that Wile E. Coyote always gets smashed by an anvil? Why is the anvil used in a negative connotation? Why is there an anvil shaped shadow above my head?
Anxiety:A seven letter word thatKnocks the wind out of me every timeI am called to attention
Little Things
Second chances, second tries, fresh opportunties. But I'm like a broken record, there's never a new me Keep on doing the same thing, keep on fucking up things. Always the same pain, the same stress the same ordeals.
Sometimes I feel surrounded Sometimes I feel bombarded my world seems to be crashing down  but it doesnt seem to make a sound I cry for help, but help somehow flees
This is me.
I just wish I was a word upon a page, safely out of reach, one quickly scanned over and subtle to a degree that with it the story is magnificent, and without it the story is broken.
I will take hundreds before I find the perfect one. It is imperative to pick the correct filter. It needs to make me look tanner while also concealing the bags under my eyes.  
You know stress? Worry? That panic that grips your chest and rips you apart in the middle of the night? Because thinking about the future incites this feeling of needing to explode because you're not ready.
  Caress  Stupid  Maybe  It was Simple  Something that was so easy on my nose The spoon fell Trying to balance the egg 
I am drawing a line incredibly thin across my chest, longer than my arms that quiver, beneath all of it beneath all of it thin thinner I become thin thinner my hair falls
“hug time!”; me, Angie, and toby in a bed; messy closet; BOXES OF CHRISTMAS
I am waiting for the day or even the moment when someone looks at me and instead of saying I look upset or worried or just plain stressed out… all of which pry is true but I am waiting until that one person looks at me, realizes the truth
My last day of summer. There's such a bitter sweet feeling to this day. There's a couple different ways to look at it: As I called it; The last day of summer the last day of 4am phone calls
When you're a child
Drip Drip Drip Tears fall from my face
I could wipe off 90% of that so called beauty with a kleenex... I see that your outershell is gorgeous Underneath that.. It's pure ugly No. Not your face. Your insides. Your guts. your soul.
“Worry is a total waste of time.
January 2011- 15-year-old Nick Stuban August 2012- 15-year-old Cameron Kilby October 2013- 17-year-old Bryan Glenn April 2013- 17-year-old Ethan Griffith February 2014- 15-year-old Jack Chen  
A single note vibrates into being and extends a hand to the shape huddled on the ground,
Your eyes used to be so bright They looked straight forward Unnerving but more alive than all those around you, They used to look so colorful and awake   What changed you?   Was it the people?
Even if you don't make It with high test scores and grades Keep your head up high!
Who is to blame when I feel this sinking tugging pressure is it me or is it her or him or all of them or this whole world that centers on grades and looks and Internet?
Life hasn't been seen At the age of sixteen. Yet decisions must be made Before the choices can be weighed.
When you wake up in the morning, and you have to go to work But you were up late last night writing, and your fingers really hurt You work at a local deli, cutting and slicing bread
I am in a prison Enclosed by the stress To be someone, to succeed This cage is getting smaller I need some release   Just as soon as I am about to suffocate
I sit here watching the clock tick by the time fade away Am I wasting my time? Am I fulfulling it? I can feel the weight on my shoulders It's starting to control me but it must
A smile on the face is my disguise... the truth is hidden behind my eyes... never was i good at emotional epression... never did i want anybody to ask questions...
My head hurts. My bag is heavy. I feel it pull my shoulders down to my aching feet; To the ground. My back, oh my back. The brisk wind slaps me. My bones ache. My body stiff against the attack.
The soul rings and shakes in joy everytime, Intitates the keys that plays on the organ, Not noise, but sounds of praise, Great is the grace you have given this life that is not my own,
Stand tall, straighten your toes Student, Your strides should be steady steps Forward               School is a necessary distraction Present your projects, prioritize,
I am twisted I am new and different yet, blind to the new body that is my mind and soul I am fear I feel fear I can't think anymore I don't trust myself to think
Anxiety like sugar in my veins forces my weak knees to rattle. Bumping the desk in front of me as I slowly undetectably lose focus. Undeniable to the students near to me, but unnoticed
It's Pain which lead's us to Achieve Some 
Staring into space Troubled, confused, BROKEN. There is no future left Shattered into millions of pieces Like Prince Rupert's Drop. This is what was believed by many Yet, tis not true
Perfection Be on time. Make no mistakes. Do not cry….Smile so fake Daily routine. On the go, Hide my feelings. Keep stress levels low.   Do your work.
I feel it coming like a wave about to crush me.   the pain of having nothing.  All these worries to worry about I get all strung up and i wanna pull my hair out.  I'm always stressed.
I wanted to be a professional juggler by the time I left high school I wanted to make a name for myself by juggling five things at once Classes Sports Friends Family Sleep Then I dropped sleep
The hours run into days The days drone into years. When will I finish this endless race? "You are going to succeed and do great" "We all have such high expectations" My family brims with pride.
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtainCuz boy I am certainYou'll have a little more interest in the one who's out flirtin'That twitch of her hips, you want her so bad it's hurtin'
I miss being a kid when life was fun Now all I am is on the run   Trying to hustle and work to come up with that tuition money
Go To Bed Lights go off Mind turns on Loneliness sets in
From a distances I'm just like you Get to know me and I'm a little differet
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. —Albert Einstein
Class, class, class. School, school, school. They tell you this, play by their rules. You play the game, you take a roll. Throw the dice, you never know. Hoping that you land on the envied square.
Stay, Go, Come back, Leave.   You're the tide during a summer storm, Crashing in and out of my life. Slowly pulling out, ever the controlling recluse, taking grains of sand with you,
Darkness engulfs me as I sit among the silence,The stalwart panging emotion of vagrance.This feeling so strong stinging me like a bee,Desperation seeming to overwhelm me. Anxiety discovers a path to my brain,
As the night settles, it begins. Slyly, creeping deeper into my psyche Darkening, the rims of my thoughts. Slowly, swallowing my heart in captivity.   As the shadows crawl, the creaking floor boards
Stressed out, Can't breath, Barely a thought, I can conceive. If not one thing, It's the other, Life is, beginning  to smother. I might be drowning, I don't know,
Stress is what is on my mind..Unsure of what's to comeUnsure of where I will goUnsure of what I will becomeStress is constantly attacking meNot being able to make my parents proud
The world is a beautiful place. Maybe it’s that belief that always gets me in trouble.   I spend my days in this constant awe at the world, in people, in how wonderful
  They say it happens all the time. High school. They say everyone gets made fun of. High school.
Why is it that mankind can never truly find happiness? It can be grasped for brief moments in time before it disappears once
i need to freeze this plane and travel to a parallel plane and then return and pick up life where i left it when i'm ready hibernation but when you hibernate the world keeeps up spinning
Am I still a child?Still having to ask for permission when no one is aroundAnd being told "You're grown", but always being shut down?
Roses are
I know it's only a matter of time
Times almost up.
Mid-Terms Faceless demons walk up the aisle The air conditioner monster spews out liquid ice with a smile Next to the cold unforgiving 2x3 desk in classroom 104
Tick tock goes the clock Never winding to a stop
"It’s fine, don’t worry about it." Are always the first words to come out, "It’s all in your head, you’ve got this." While wanting to spill your lunch on the floor. Hands shake and arms quake,
Scholarships cause stress. Will the judges like my poem? It is a haiku.
Stand Up Wake up with that dreadul feeling.
I'm here for you. Know you are not alone And that I am here. Let go of that razor,  Those pills, That gun. You will make it through this. I believe in you. You just need a friend,
I screamed. She was never seen. See what she lacked I carried and what I lacked she held onto so dearly.
A weed in a lawn full of grass. A disturbance an annoyance Ugly and fowl.
Her heart is filled with questionsnot knowing how to feelshe peers out the window
I don't like it. Not at all, I don't appreciate this. This immense hatred, and dislike. That is all towards me. Why? I must ask why... Why am I the target, of all, Your hatred?
Why Can't You Sleep? Why can’t I sleep? WHY can’t I sleep?!   Let’s see how well you sleep with a gun pointed at your head.
it's early.  my phone buzzes numbers at me and my mouth says, "get up get up get up," while my mind says stay here stay here stay here.
I used to think I loved you I used to think you cared I used to think "this is it" I used to be so scared I used to want to be your all I used to think you did too
I do not speak loud
Can YOU go a day,
I want to burn everything.  All of it.
Childhood Be good Take your nap Eat your greens Too many sweets Makes you sick   Running wild Making up games We live without shame Playing princess And Power Ranger
What would you do, What would you say, If someone said to draw your troubles away? Would you paint landscapes of fire,
Momma told me nobody would understand me... I remember on day in the black light momma told me to old on tight...
Inside my head, I mean a little more. Inside my head, Personality is at war. I dream to be outgoing,  Both pretty and sweet Everyone wants to be my friend When I'm inside my head.
Once upon a dream She lived Lavishly, Where happiness felt clean To the soul of purity  Invited all in unity They laughed endlessly Enjoying the offering of peace  In eternal divinity
I keep telling myself
Collapsing under the pressure of knowledge, Sleeping starts to sound way better than college. As I strive to have my educational needs met, the more frustrated I seem to get.
Nobody understands me. Not my momma, my brother, my boyfriend, my sister, my auntie, my cousin, my best friend. They just don't get it. They are oh so proud of me, but they don't understand.
How high can you fly? White like the new moon, My bird in the sky; Singing a sad tune. Why are you alone?
I'm a mess
Stress The day to day hustle . School , friends , work . I feel like my worlds about to end , so much to do I can barely breath. As I sit I realize the ambition I have to make it in this never ending world.
 I’m shredding to pieces in a hurricane
Her small hand touches the moist fabric of my shirt, wrapping her arm around me as if she forgot how to comfort me. I don't blame her. She's right. We don't know each other anymore
Eyes closed … Breathing deep,
Only seven weeks ago You were just a dream A figure of my imagination With it bursting at the seams
ONE JOB. . . One hope, One ambition. Is what we are made to choose, during our high school days. Before we are 18, and can legally smoke. Before we are 21,
A simple good morning after eight hours of sleep
Stop, drop, listen, see. Birds sing, sun shines so brightly.... Vivaciously free.
This week I feel funny. I feel out of place, underdressed and alone. I feel a little bit like sticky hands that you can't wash. I can't shake this feeling but for some reason I don't mind.
This is what the front line is like A line where all have stood at points in life A trial of tears, stress and pain Deception is an ugly site   There is some sort of delight
Going through so much Day in......Day out.... fatigue overwhelms my emotions When does it stop? Did I cause this or bring it upon myself?
              Swayed by their emotions running to pick up others
I spend hours writing to clear my brainNothing makes me feel the sameI'll even do it on the trainOn my way to work, or in the rainUnder an umbrella, or even SpainI like to do it when I'm stressed,
Everybody says, “Life isn’t fair.” Governor Quinn & other politians, shout, “We should all go to school, go to college!”
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
It's nine A.M.. You're awake, but you don't leave your bed because you have so much to do,
  I feel like if I lean back far enough, I’ll see myself from behind.   
Trying to get ahold of my books and  Failing.  Scattered papers Stretched binds of books Scraped binders. Exposing my strengths and weaknesses.  Scrambling.   
You cannot hide the feelings. You cannot crumple them up and toss them in the trash like you do with a love note that failed to love.
If the weight of college were lighter  And if the walls of debt were wider; Easier students breathe,
She deserves all the world has to offer. How dare I not give back to the woman that gave me life. No matter the situation she was there for me.
Oh hated homework! The constant worry and stress Fuss and mess Taking away precious time Repeats of schoolwork
Work and more work, Task and another task, Deadline and just a continuing chain of things to do, What's the use of it all? Is there no such thing as a break?   Of course not.
It was another bad nightAnother resort to my pad nightI can’t even write, I’m so tired…But it’s the only way I can nod outIt’s like a high to me.
Sadness and Stress, is it for the best? Consuming my world in a false happiness. Is that what I need to really succeed? I don't feel any joy, all I feel is greed.
When I was a small child I would dream I would dream reams ha woul ake me far off, the dreams made me an astronaut on a space ship the galaxies were mine to control, i wold surf the skies
Stress If I could personify Such a thing as Stress I would call it dark Or maybe even Bright As to blinding it victims from all that is not it   If I could personify
The days drag on As my knees scrape the ground Because I’ve lost the will to stand. “Stand up. Run faster. It’s not that hard, You lazy ass.” They scream from the sidelines.
Do they not understand Do they feel the stress behind our eyes Do they feel the expectations weighing down on our shoulders We do.   We do not realize that you want the best We feel pressured
the beauty of simplicity is an art in itself toes touching the dewy summer morning blades of grass
We are born into a world of infinite possibility. Right from the start we are putty, little balls of soul made of faith and trust and pixie dust
I feel as if, if I let a tear drop my body would erratically shatter. To bite the bitterness away with coldness. To repress the said with utter and complete numbness. To shiver away the sense of alone. To drift off and never return.
Have you ever felt alone. You could be around a crowd of people yet feel like your the lonliest person ever?
My bag is a boulder Ready to break my back. What's a social life you ask? I have long since forgotten now that teachers dictate mine. "School is more important." is what they drill into your mind.
Not I, not I, push me aside Light splits where aspirin headaches shine I feel it pulsing, breathing inside: The monster, her emerald eyes.   Mrs. and Mr. say she’ll subside,
A tear falls down. Just one, then two. I hang my head to hide my face, But I know he stiffens, closes off, turns away, Avoids seeing me as he makes his rounds. Round and round the papers go,
I’m done. I am so done. I give up. I don’t know what else I can do.   …it has to end here. All the scheming                      Betraying                                 “Misunderstanding”
If you're physically sick, do you have to participate in class?
“What possibly do you have to stress about?” The audacity of To even question of Stress is my life The constant worry, heartache, struggle Stress All of the above
Stories, language, homework learning, learning learning more, more, more.   No stories, no language, no homework SCREAMING, ANGER, QUESTIONS. Blaming, pointing fingers.  
Dark... Where am I? Hello? Light...
You just don't get it All that I go through.  All that everyone has to go through. You say, oh you have it so easy. The stress piled on feels like I am never going to get out from under this.
                                                 You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam.                                                                                                        STRESSIN
Fulfilling My Dream  Hello my name is Mozlefa,
Seven periods, one break, almost ten hours in school! The lesson is fast, my brain is now slow, an almost incompetent tool. The day has begun, we are in period one, Damn, nine more hours to go. 
You see a Face, A Statistic A Number Another name on a list.  But I am MORE      -A Person.
Stress wraps around my body like a snake. Assignments pile up making my back break. Teachers are like slave owners and dictators Treating us like we are pitiful traitors.  
You sit in the dark
You won't answer my calls
Walking the halls Is harder than you think Losing friends Can happen in a blink   Having stress And feeling depressed Are all the things I'm trying to express  
Enjoy your four years of high school, They said.
“I’m sorry, is my class boring you?” my teacher snaps at me. No, ma’am, but the time I went to bed last night is a complete tragedy.
I sit in my bed contemplating sleep It's 3 AM again, but it is so early I still have to speak to Jefferson about his ideas on federalism I still  need to figure out how to ask Pythagoras about his golden ratio
We shouldn’t have to chooseBetween our mental health and our GPA,But we do.
Measure the lines tangent to the bags under my eyes;There you will find the accurate slopeOf how quickly or slowly depending on how you look at itMy energy is decreasing.
As I look up in the sky,
Trauma: The Most Powerful Lecture                                                                          By: Matthew Luz  
Teachers are paid to teach,
Depression, stress, anxietyWords linked with school societyWords linked with suicide and liquorThere's something wrong with this picture   Piling up homework, Lower gradeWhat happened to being an aidLack of time and sleepLead students to become we
Who's to blame?We're all just so different,we take it for granted that we're right;point the fingers at anyone elseand mock the system.Just consider this:maybe we have our own way
Your mind is roaming, so full of thoughts. You cannot stop thinking, your mind is so wrought. Constantly doing something for others, expecting nothing in return. Silently seeking happiness and someone elses concern.
It's another one of those days in which I don't know what to think,So I think of everything at once.
Oh shitty shit shit who stands upon thee front class. Who do you think you are? perhaps an ass? One who plants stress in my interior  and who thinks is superior. I yell enough is enough!
Well teachers, you did it. You succeeded in breaking us. We’ve been stressed beyond our explosion point, Cried for no apparent reason, And have had several mental breakdowns.  
Sometimes I find myself watching other students do their schoolwork However when I look at their faces, I usually don’t see a smirk
You break me, With every little word you say and every call to action,  Embellishing reward that goes along with.  You say do this it looks good on applications and glare when the class looks on in silence.
Yeah, my brain's getting bigger,   But my skin's getting thinner,   The test says that I'm a winner,   But I'm not.      Let me know that this won't last.   Tell me that it's just a class,  Don't tell me about all the past,  Leaders of the land.  
A rush and it's over Cars flash by, lights blink shut Candles flicker, sound crashes along And my head whirls with The Speed of Light A world that never stops moving Never sits and thinks
Nights spent in a coffee cup one light on in my head. Bleary eyes scouring the book  I might as well be dead.  From lack of sleep lack of life can I get one second? I need to close my eyes.
I'm like a child who cries itself to sleep, but instead of crying, what I do is think. I think myself insane, analyzing every bit, until my heart rate quickens and I work up a panicking fit.
I do everyone else jobs without complaining I do all these things for you, for what, tell me what am I gaining I fail to realize that I have a voice that should be heard
The sun has peaked and at its highest Here still I am without a clue to life even in the slightest This window, fogged, scratched, and tattered Tinted black, without a chance to flee from its fetters
Do I look hot? Doesn’t matter, I’m Late Shit, I forgot To watch my weight   I tried my best I got a 58 I failed that test So I guess I just ate   Don’t think about it
This is my fight My reason to write Music is my voice and the world is my audience I'll speak my wisdom through a riff and a song and when the world turns their ears I'll show them the wrong.
You're not allowed to be a kid anymore; no more fooling around, be serious; every move you make from here on out will affect the rest of your life;
When I am weary and tired of worrying, I take a look at my phone and see what new vine is spreading. I distract myself from a heart beating too fast and a mind reading too quick oh stop - 
  Clench Unclench Clench Unclench And the piano pounds on and on in my head Oh ouais Je m’amuse How can I not be? Your French sounds like a foreign language
Overwhelming work I can't take it anymore My brain will explode
Stressed, sweaty palms, have I mentioned I hate tests? I've literally done great all year, better than my best. Great grades, perfect attendence, and always on time, But the term "neccessary evil" is what comes to mind.
She screams without noise She cries without tears She sits in a world alone Left drowning in her fears …………………………………………….
Lines before whiteSweat on a pencilFingers in hair Graphite sweat The first bold wordsThe first eraser marksInsipiration not there Graphite sweat
Molding the clay. Designing the report. Inserting the injection.   Many things can not be studied.
crashing and bashingillegally found, stolen, and lostall in one single, setted dayremaining remainders remind us of researchre-inventing, re-intended to re-bring us all back home
The water gets high, my oxygen is low, I'm barely getting by and I've nowhere left to go. The heart beats, blood races, body heats, surrounded by bruised faces. Hush,
She is lost.. Lost among the days of old, banned from the days of new.. Like a wanderer in a maze..
Time passes by Is it already October? The school year goes on and on And I'm trying not to get left behind.   I work hard to finish the work, to have time for games and floor bonding.
How much easier it would be if I were not lonesome,so rooted in my happy lonesome,cornered with no feelings that someone's happiness might be dependenton me.Alone in my encounters.
Gears keep turning, fires keep burning Water keeps churning, I gotta start learning.   Learning how to stand up When the world beats me down Learning how to man up Even when I'm pushed around  
  Up all night worried about this moment.  I just need to pass. I stare at the students faces as the each get their paper back. One by one relief, fear, stress all fretting over this one measly test.
​Undying feelings, Never rested eyes, All these feelings that fit in my life. Academics, Home, Chores, Parents, Love, Divorce, and College, A never ending stream. Thoughts and feelings, 
      i feel like a dandilion in field of sunflowers, like ive been standing in a dark room for hours. No one really understands, because instead of me wearing my emotions on my shoulders i hold them in my hands.
Why? Why am I afraid to speak? Why am I afraid to prove I've excelled, Out of misguided fear that I'll appear single-celled? Success is what happens when you reach your peak,
Day after day, I feel that nothing will change Like the tide that draws in  Or the waves that crash onto the shore, Only to return to the sea where they belong,  That is how I feel life has become.  
Life is fast We are rash Unknown to all And yet we fall.
You had me really scared and disappointed But we're passed that Our relationships got ups and downs Like the NASDAQ Late nights when no one else would You'd let me crash at The crib throwing fibs to those
Is it truly possible To feel old, torn, and worn out At the age of 17? Feeling as if life is an ocean And you’re swimming, trying desperately. Trying to keep your head above the water
Let Me Be Free Pressure rising Stressing, crying Struggling to find my way   Separate houses, All I need is Time to get away   No more hiding It's time I got my way  
A “balanced teenage life”, they say That’s what is best, without a doubt But no one understands that this cliché Is such a paradox We just can’t do it all.  
Stress is like the Black PlagueIt trickles from the inner most depths of the soul, progressively towards the mind and forms into a monstrous creature that corrupts your entire body. There's no way to fight it , no way to relieve it.
I am sitting in a chair.  Firm is my derriere. That's French for your sit upon.  I like to sit in the sun.  With a warm face and a loaded gun.
Don't try and tell me who I am I get enough of it by society don't judge because "you know" maybe we are the same size but not same shoes don't assume we're all delenquents  some of us just want help
Once a girl with curly brown hair showed her mom her very first poem she tapped her head and told her it was great and hung it on the fridge for all to see That same girl 10 years later
Lady with the blues singing sweet tunes,when she's home she feels all alone sitting waiting for the last sketch to create a line she robs time to realize that she's unorganized,the pencil leaves dents near the margin so do her problems but still s
Each lesson puts a dense weight on my chest, And all of the information blurs together in a fuzzy heap. My brain cannot filter what I do not fully understand. Each subject is taught back to back,
The inevitable futures looms over me On this journey to find myself To pick a major is to pick a future As I sit my mind wanders the world of options Simply hoping to discover what’s next
Lord tell me everything is going to be okay. That even though there are rules to obey Tell me that myself, family and friends will remain okay Tell me that I that I don't have to rely on material.
What's going around seeing life in a different way, Being the person you want me to be, Mother wants me to be a good apostolic chirsitan women, I broke all the rule, Now what?
    Drowning, the faded blue on the worn wood Scattered throughout the ocean so dark. A once bright ship that thought it could
The saying goes: “The pen is mightier than the sword”.   She sat there with pen in hand, and blade in the other. The latter the perpetrator of the scars on her arms,
Stressed.  It is my consistent mental state Since there's always so much on my plate. I feel the consistent pressure to be at my best.   Expectations. Everyone's are so high 
Sand in my pockets, skipping off my fingers, and stuck in my eyelashes, under my tongue and between my teeth.
Just because  4.0 knows the equations of quantum mechanics  Doesn't mean that he is smarter than 2.0 1.0 might not know the terminal side of an angle 
Stress Stress A manifestation of the unnerving   Stress The tickle at your side that you wish didn’t hurt
Every minute I sleep I feel them escape I got dreams to chase Funny..I should be sleeping to see dreams But I rather be awake When I finally reach where I want in life the moment I could take
You become involved: Alacritously enslaved, Momentarily deranged. You aim to please: Naturally gregarious, Unintentionally capricious. You realize you have needs: Much too late,
Trying and trying to make yourself better looking for money in ways that are clever constantly hearing your parents speech thinking to ourselves "practice what you preach" its hard out here not having a job
My mother lived at the bottom of a vodka bottle. Her lungs crystallized from years of breathing tobacco instead of air. She wasn't always sad, I'm sure. But I never saw her smile
You Great Dividing Line, you stand so strongBetween two priorities of my life:Do I up my GPA and succeed in academicsOr do I find myself in Christ?
I left them... Last night I had a dream the world was ending, I was reduced to ant size and lived with a snake,  she was friendly but scary,  green and alive, I am awake now, paying my credit card
  Stressed   I have no time to sleep, I am in far too deep, This is over my head, Wish I were in bed,
Stick to head The rhythm of aggression Left to right Consciousness in suspension Things go wrong Take it all out on the pad Flam tap tap You drive all the neighbors mad
Where should I go? What should I do? When do I know? It’s a scary road, The college life, It’s a bumpy path, The college life.
I’m sorry I’m not perfect It pains me every day To know that I have failed you In every possible way.
I'm on my way, I have twelve weeks. I count the days, Success I seek. As time passes I reminisce, picking classes, I enjoy this. I must be strong. To stand a chance,
I feel the stress of my life flow out of my mind and onto the page. With the pen gripped tightly in my fingers, I know that everything is all right.
Lalalala I don't know what to do really. I don't know if to rhyme I don't know if to squeeze I don't know....that's something I frequent. Science is my game And the more I learn, the less I know.
Paper paper paper Dead trees piled by me Homework essays applications Stress never seems to cease Will the work pay off? Think I'm doomed either way Wish I could just sit and play video games
My back is aching, my throat is burning, my chest is tight, my toes are cramping. Copy it. Paste it. No plagiarism No vandalism No sleep No shame Just type, you have a scholarship to gain
My body and soul detached from the spine that weaves them sinks and floats, respectively, with no direction.
Where's my pen? I need to write Stressed Beyond A Measurable Amount What's the essay prompt? "Describe yourself" I'm a mess Scratch that I'm messed up
the gulf is opened waves rough and obnoxious filled with the hopes and the dreams and the crushed desires morose days depressed nights things that just don’t go the way you would expect
The blade to my wrist I'm alone I saw with the knife back and forth back and forth It hurts but not enough I push harder back and forth back and forth The blood
I sit I cry There's so much going on The yelling The fighting It never stops The littlest thing Sets me off School Homework Homelife How do I balance it
Day by day I face an internal outcry that rages My mind never silent I dream word of worry I wake with panic Day by day I am forced to face life in an undeveloped body I am judged for my emotions
We are not only friends But not simply coworkers. We volunteer our time To work as a team In sync with harmony Sometimes with lurch and tramp That does not represent The good side of us.
You may think it is really cool, But don't just be a fool, It can be really tough, But it will keep you out of the rough, It will make you a success, If you make sure you pass all of the tests,
Everything is happening In an unattainable rapid speed I can’t keep up My brain is burning I slam together my eyelids Hoping to slow Everything down Or just make it stop
How is it these days That kids are expected to act older, be mature, grow up sooner rather than later? How is it that kids are treated like kids, yet told that they need to be responsible?
There's too much pressure To not fail today. School, work, and graduation In May. Going off to college Opening the door Start of a new life Different from before.
Blank page, blank stare, full pen New day, new night, some problems Same hate, same sad Same place, my mind My heart is swollen About to pop, words unspoken hurt it, make it infected
To be perfect, Is to gain respect. To be smart, Is to relinquish my heart. As long as I follow the code, I won’t have to take the wrong road. To speak with diction, To talk without conviction,
Large boulders of smoke roll down your throat and coat your breath with the smell of false happiness. Yellow stained fingers cover a frequent cough. You sound more and more like your dog as the days pass.
It's when the vibe in my mind, is defiened by the time, and me mood rises above mellow, when your faced with the fact, that all enemies attack, even when the sun burns out yellow,
Stress bites on her pencils, her mind never stopping. Worry tells her a thousand things she needs to do, a thousand things she needs to work on. Stress gets a headache as Doubt whispers she'll never get it all done.
Half cut vision searches aimlessly for an unknown hope. Clenched fists’ clutch could render dust from brick. Smother struggle like deep under water. Lose grip like sand through an unclasped hand:
I have never been loud, but I know how to scream without making a sound or making a scene. You start with a thought and then stir in repression, and when that starts to work,
Our backs were bent ‘til we were walking on the knuckles of our souls The trees were drinking angels’ tears in the deserts where they grow And the only time my heart was shaken was when I threw it to the wind
I just want to scream until my lungs give way Exploding with the stress I have tucked away No fight left in me, the spark fizzled out I'd give any possession to escape this route My sense of purpose lost
Bang Bang Bang The pounding is incessant The thunder unceasing The devil incarnate Tick Tick Tick
“ Mother im bored” “go play a game” “ I have played them all” “ go watch tv” “ I have watched it all” “ go read a book” “ I have read them all” “Go to the store” “ I have bought it all”
When the pages of my life overlap, Like colors, bleeding into one another Forming an entirely new rainbow. I don’t know If I prefer them separate, Each safe and alone, Segmented off neatly
Hooded eyes: downcast, afraid Hunched shoulders, bearing the weight Sad smile, betraying the truth The pressure: too much for this youth.
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