farther faster harder.
Stretch it, push it. 
Break it.
Keep moving never pause for even a 
moment, when you’re on the edge
just breathe in through your nose out
through your mouth. A voice 
in your mind so calm and soothing. Push 
through the sniffles and the sagebrush: 
this voice your own.
Never enough
Never fast enough
strong enough
far enough
long enough
good enough
Just one more 
step, every downfall 
followed by this
mantra this 
lie that keeps you going.
It’s the only way, chanting in
your head.You’ll never 
make it if you give up 
now. You can’t even 
think of stopping.
Because once you 
do, you
will. Just Stop. And 
once you stop you’ll 
be done for.
The end will never 
come if you never 
let it. 
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