Dear Self

Dear Self, 

You have to rest, You shouldn't worry so much. 

I've seen you hurt 

I've seen you laugh

I'd love to see you live

Stop worrying about the future as much as you do because you are doing as much as much as you can. 

Stop sleeping in so much, Get up and work. 

Why are you so lazy? 

You won't get anywhere if you don't work. 

Ignore the fact that you have blisters on your hands from writing and rewriting your notes in attempts to save your grades. 

Why don't you try enough, You can do better than this. 

Stop complaining and get to work. 

you can cry while you finish your essay.

Stop wasting time.

Write while your hands shake, You'll get used to it.

Read your work until your eyes bleed, Nothing can be wrong.

Don't worry about your hair or your clothes. 

Get up and move on.

 Your future is worth the pain.

Bust your back, It'll be worth it in the long run.

Sell your soul for your work, Don't stop until it is perfect.

It's ok if you aren't perfect. 

You have to perfect. 

Who would care if you aren't perfect?

Stop arguing and take my advice.

I know what you want even if you don't 

Don't deny that I am the only one that can be honest with you.

I swear I'm not confused about what I want.

I have to do this.

I'm hard on you because I know what you want. 

Don't shut me out,

This is the price of Greatness. 

No one gets where they want to be by crying about everything. 

Suck those weak tears up and get your work done.

Listen to my cries, remember where you do not want to be because I do. 

I am only hard on you because I care enough to leave you with sleepless nights and undereye bags deep and dark enough to be classified as black holes.

The stress adds character.

Your mental health is important but your future is even more so. 

Wipe your tears and sweat from the anxiety, It's worth it. 




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