College Stress...

Times almost up.

Are you ready?

What will come next?

do not take it steady.


I can only Imagine,

maybe a test of skill,

hopefully not money,

because I can barely pay a big bill.


Speaking of which,

I don't have any money.

what can I do?

I can try to sell some honey.


That is a terrible idea.

What others do I have?

Maybe I can find some,

on another website tab.


I am so confused,

and I am so tired.

Maybe my stress will go away,

If I get hired.


I do not like the way this looks.

Is there any way to get assistance? 

How about if I do the work?

Will that show enough persistence?


I just want to go to school.

Is there another way to pay?

Maybe if education were free,

I would not be this way.




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