A Geeky Pick Me Up

My school life is getting hectic

My anxiety is overflowing

From microbiology to my nursing courses

My panic starts clearly showing


I think I’ve had enough

My stress has reached the max

I need a little pick me up

Something to help relax


Should I take a bubble bath?

Or maybe drink some tea?

I could use guided imagery

No, it simply isn’t me


For me its a comic book

Or maybe even a 360 controller

There’s nothing like a geek session

To flatten that distress like a road roller


Comic books and gaming takes you to a whole new world

It allows you to disconnect

It distracts your brain from the burden of worry

Making you not so anxious about what’s next


So whether it is reading the latest escapades of my favorite hero and villain

Or even saving all of the galaxy with my space boyfriend

My dorky pastime is like my Tylenol

Numbing the pain of my daily struggles

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