Wed, 04/13/2016 - 17:51 -- sarabi7

All I need is my sanity

With my sanity, I have my peace

And with my peace, I have my mind

And with my mind, I can survive

Because I,

I waver sometimes.


Each day, the stress monster pays a visit

And the sadness ghost lingers

And the hornets of frustration sting

But I,

I gotta keep going.


When I want to ball up and cover my head

And I wish myself brain dead

And I build walls to close people out

I shut myself in

And I'm drowning


I'm floating in a pool of my own tears

I'm losing myself-

When suddenly I hear the whispers

Voices saying look up to the sky

Promising a new beginning

Positive images of the future start budding

And the fight to live kicks in


Sitting on the edge of the well, peeking down

I see the skeleton of my former self looking up

My body trembles

Until the whispers resound in my head

Saying "Look up to the sky"

And promising new beginnings


Images of the future flash by

As if the clouds were movie screens

And I see a new me

Bouncing back from adversity


Then a wave washes over my body

And my mind is a clean slate

And the stress monster walk away

And the lingering ghost fades

And the hornets dissipate


I am okay

I am at peace

I am saved from myself by my sanity

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