i and I

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 20:52 -- sreye1






Loathing and Loving,

Care and Despair.

Broken and Repaired,

Repaired and Broken.

2-D and 3-D,

inside and out,

I scream.

Then, i swallow the words

that tear me.

My personal orbit,

my way of cleansing.

My daily dose of sick serenity,

swallowed with those vile letters.

My attempt to be in control:


opaque, distorted, pixelated, and imperfect



The friendly Breeze whispers kind words to me.

i rest in its embrace,

but i don’t realize It constricts me until i am

Purple and Blue.

 Then, It entangles Its welcoming arms around me;

I dance and I sing.

I laugh, as if Something has taken over me, and i am mad,

and It wipes away those dog days;

but im not sure if i am I.

Im not sure what is true or false.


My mind is an interweaving of rusty gears.

i choose not to be I.

My conformity of cool colors is gone with the wind,

and i dance and i sing freely.


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