Pursuit of Happiness


It was another bad night
Another resort to my pad night
I can’t even write, I’m so tired…
But it’s the only way I can nod out
It’s like a high to me.

Is there a fine line between happiness and success?
Or am I confused like the rest of the people who get lost chasing their dream?
I’m not lost, but searching
In pursuit of something
That seems like only nothing.
To you…
You may think what I do is stupid
But it really means a lot to me,
I may have found my dream in life
And your support would mean the world,
Just believe.
Cause when I look at the sky
All I see is my future
Aligning all these stars
I’m a surgeon it’s a suture.
But like I’ve said before
I’m not Clark Kent,
So even though I’ve held up so far
This pressure may get to me,
Leaving my studio with broken bars
Just an underlying base
No melody in the stars.
If the sands of time can change anything
Then I’m playing on the beach enjoying the little things.


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