Reunited In Growth


all consuming,

never fading.

Like the buzz of cicadas,

never dissapating.

I inhale but the air never reaches my lungs.

Dread, despair, and stress: over-run.

You kiss my lips,

like sweet poison doth taste;

arguments lie in perpetual wait.

Procrastination steals me.

A cheating hand plays the game,

I lay it on the alter.

My vision cleared with milk.

The taste of freedom haunts me,

wraps me in fine silk.

I cut the ties held by your glue;

fresh air filled me with purpose renewed.

Time froze but sped by,

incubated where it died:

til humble sighs brought a lover's kiss.

No longer afraid to say it's you I miss -

time spent apart was much needed.

Stress, dread, and despair surely abated;

but as I stand before you now,

I am not the girl you knew so well.

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