You break me,

With every little word you say and every call to action, 

Embellishing reward that goes along with. 

You say do this it looks good on applications and glare when the class looks on in silence.

But you don't know how hard thrat girl in the corner works to balance her life,

Two jobs, high school, college, she doesn't have time for herself.

She panics underneath the stress of it all, anxiety a constant companion.

You say will no one help? Does no one have the kindness in their heart to take this on?

She looks on silently before raising her hand, accepting more that she knows she can't handle.

You say there ya go! You know this will look GREAT on a college application!

But she's too busy begging for money scholarship to scholarship to make time for your project.

Too frail with a cold every month.

No time to herself, no joy, no living. 

She wishes she could be deviant.

Could relax.

Could live a little.

But she can't.

She remains subordinant. 

She does what she's told. 


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